MORE COLOR FILM: Introducing CineStill 400Dynamic

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CineStill is announcing the introduction of 400Dynamic, a 400 ISO daylight-balanced color film available to photographers for the first time ever. 400D will initially be made available in both 35mm and 120 medium format in limited supply — with plans for large scale production and 4x5 large format.

400D will initially be available for pre-order through our CINESTILL FILM MAKER crowdfunding campaign, and we’re offering some amazing benefits and discounts, which include being among the first in the world to receive film from the initial batch of 400D in both 35mm and 120, that will be shipped immediately after the culmination of the FILM MAKER campaign.

We launched this crowdfunding campaign to gauge the interest of a new ISO 400 speed color film in the market and to also inform our manufacturing plans, so that we can continue to meet the demand of the analog community for years to come. The more participation we see in the FILM MAKER Crowdfunding Campaign, the more we will know how to strategically invest our efforts to serve the community.


CineStill 400D is a fine grain film that will deliver a soft color palette with natural saturated color and rich, warm skin tones. The film has a wide dynamic range, with a base sensitivity of ISO 400 but can be rated from 200 to 800, and it can be pushed up to 3200. This makes the film highly versatile, suitable for any lighting condition, any event, and can be used either outdoors or in the studio.

400Dynamic is the culmination of CineStill working exclusively with our manufacturing partners around the world to utilize the same advanced emulsion technology that is found in Motion Picture film. 400D was specifically designed for still photography, to be processed in C-41 chemistry by any photo lab or at home. In addition, it also features a process-surviving anti-static lubricant coating that will make it an ideal film for both manual SLRs and automatic winding cameras. This new film will continue CineStill’s ongoing tradition of motion picture film emulsions made for still photographers, so that they can maximize their creativity and produce remarkable images that express who they are as a photographer.

Continuing in the precedent set by the successful crowdfunding campaign that led to our flagship film CineStill 800T being made available in medium format, CineStill is inviting the film community to be part of the process of making 400D available to photographers around the world by becoming a CINESTILL FILM MAKER. During the last few years, there’s been a significant gap in the market for an ISO 400 speed color film. Past discontinuations and supply chain issues have caused a limited availability in the industry, which left photographers without the options that they would normally have.

12-hours after our Crowdfunding campaign launched, the film community helped us reach our first two goals, which gives us the ability to produce 400D in both 35mm and 120 format. We're still trying to reach out third goal, and if we're able to reach it before our campaign ends, we'll be able to produce 400D in 4x5 large format.

400Dynamic elevates the family of CineStill film stocks that includes 800Tungsten, 50Daylight, and BwXX to complete any photographers toolkit. Its flexibility and versatility is great for both amateur and professional photographers that are in need of a do-it-all film. A new ISO 400 color film has been highly sought after by the analog community, and CineStill is proud to be able to bring together a new film that can meet the demand of a community that has given CineStill Film continued support since the beginning.

Become a FILM MAKER today!

Yours in Analog,
The CineStill Team 


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