BIGGER is BETTER with 120 Film!

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Here at CineStill, we make 4 different emulsions for medium format photographers — 3 color negative and 1 panchromatic black and white film. They are 50D (50Daylight), 400D (400Dynamic), 800T (800Tungsten), and BwXX (Double-X)For a limited time, both 50D and BwXX in 120 are on sale on our website —! Check them out below!








CineStill 50Daylight is a 50-speed daylight-balanced (5500K) color negative motion picture film stock for still photography. It is ideal for shooting in bright light at wide apertures and for producing high resolution images with minimal grain. With 50D you can achieve beautiful results by rating it anywhere between ISO 12-100 without the need for push processing.

(Note: On sale while supplies last! Short Dated, Exp 07/23)


















CineStill BwXX is a classic panchromatic black and white negative film for both outdoor and indoor/studio use. Akin to the legendary Kodak Plus-X & Tri-X emulsions, it is an excellent choice for all those looking for a classic film emulsion with top-level performance and versatility in a variety of conditions.

On sale for a limited time!












CineStill 400D is a fine-grain, daylight-balanced (5500K) color negative film that delivers a soft color palette with natural saturation and rich, warm skin tones. The film has a wide dynamic range with a base sensitivity of ISO 400, but can be rated from 200 to 800, and it can be pushed up to 3200. This makes the film highly versatile, usable in both indoors or in the studio, under virtually any lighting conditions.
















CineStill 800T is an 800-speed tungsten-balanced (3200K) color negative film based on the same gold standard motion picture technology used by top cinematographers around the world. Designed for difficult low-light tungsten situations, this flexible film is suitable for use in different lighting situations to achieve a variety of looks.

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