About CineStill Film

     For the first time ever, motion picture cinema film is now available for standard 35mm still photography and processing!  The birth of CineStill and it's "800Tungsten Xpro C-41" film has been received with astonishing worldwide success and overwhelming appreciation from the international film community, but for us this is still only just the beginning...

The CineStill Story

     "Original beta testing for this newly available film began in late 2012, but the concept and original development tests began years before, when we first started shooting the amazing Kodak Vision 3 500T 5219 for our own photography.  We accomplished this back then by shooting a long-roll, 250 exposure, bulk film back and through developing a special relationship with a local motion picture lab.  We did this because of the costly minimum lengths required by motion picture labs, and because the more splicing that occurred, the more the film became damaged and contaminated.  We found moderate success with this technique, but the real journey to "800T" began when scores of people began contacting us about how they too could use this wonderful film.  Compelled by our love for analogue photography, and never one to back down from a challenge, we came to the conclusion that we had to find a way to make it usable in standard 135 canisters with standard developing.

     "In order to make this technology accessible for any film photographer's workflow, and avoid the need for costly long-roll processing with motion picture labs, we knew we had to make the film compatible with any still photography lab in the world.  Our task was to take this amazing film stock designed for ECN-2 motion picture processing, and invent a treatment to refashion it to be safe for standard C-41 still photography processing.  This meant we had to find a way to eliminate the rem-jet layer of motion picture film without contaminating the sensitive emulsion.  OK, so here is where we had to get technical...  Early research and development proved that a simple alkali bath, and water jet wash removing the rem-jet highly contaminated and partially developed the film, while washing out some of the precious antenna dyes.  After years of R&D, tens of thousands of feet of wasted film and thousands of hours of experimentation – efficient and clean “Premoval” of the rem-jet layer was achieved!  And the results...  Beyond that of any other films available to still photographers today!

     "Cross processing these amazing film stocks in standard C-41 machines was not accessible until the hurdles of rem-jet and continuous long roll processing were overcome.  Our very custom "Premoval" process makes this motion picture (ECN-2) film safe for processing in standard photo lab machines and in C-41 kits, with great color and a slightly increased gamma level, equivalent to a professional 800 Tungsten C-41 film.

     "Until now, cinematographers have been spoiled with film technology for years before still photographers got their hand-me-downs in the form of "new" emulsions.  Today, CineStill brings the wonders of cinema film technology to the still photographer.  Now, anyone can use film in the same lighting situations as new blockbuster movies and TV shows such as Inception, Argo, Lincoln,  all of the Batman movies, Django Unchained, Man of Steel, Les Misérables, The Master, the new Star Track films, the forthcoming Star Wars films, all Wes Anderson's films, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Castle, True Blood, American Horror Story, 30 Rock, and the list goes on and on and on.  No more switching to high ISO digital or on camera flash in tungsten lit environments, because CineStill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 is now available to still photographers worldwide!
     "CineStill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 is safe for standard photo lab machines and produces ideal negatives for scanning. CineStill film can still be processed in ECN-2 chemistry by hand without worrying about rem-jet. In recent months since the release, CineStill has experienced huge success around the world, and increased demand on every continent. Each time a production batch of 800Tungsten rolls is made available for retail orders, it backorders in a matter of days. In the future, CineStill plans on offering other films and services, but currently we are limiting our offering to CineStill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41."

-The Brothers Wright, Founders of Cinestill Inc.