Kodak Professional Chemistry Is Back!

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The Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals you know and love are back! Here with the original formulas and a brand-new look! Ready for you first is Kodak's legendary Black-and-White chemistry, starring the iconic XTOL, T-MAX, and everyone's favorite D-76. But that's not all! Kodak Color Negative and E-6 chemistry are lined up for release later this year!

We at CineStill are proud to be an official distributor for Kodak Professional Photo Chemicals and partner with Photo Systems Inc. to help make them more available to photo stores across North America and to photographers like you through cinestillfilm.com. Join us in this special new chapter for analog!


In 2019, Photo Systems Inc was approached by Kodak Alaris to manufacture some of their B&W KODAK chemistry. The KODAK era began. Kodak Alaris sold their license rights to Sino Promise and Photo Systems continued to manufacture the entire KODAK B&W line even through that transition. Photo Systems then took over manufacturing of the C41 products in early 2023. Unfortunately, Sino Promise decided to exit the chemistry business in April of 2023. Photo Systems engaged in license negotiation with Kodak directly and signed a license agreement in September of last year, which allows the continued manufacture and worldwide distribution of KODAK Professional Chemicals to ensure that these are available to professionals and enthusiasts everywhere.

Photo Systems intends to expand and reintroduce more of the classic chemical products throughout this year. They have finished re-certifying their manufacture of E6 and C41 products with Kodak quality assurance and will reintroduce these later this year. Shortly after they will reintroduce RA4.


We have been working with Photo Systems Inc since 2013 to develop and bring to market film processing tools, by providing R&D, education, marketing, and distribution to small camera shops and big box retailers worldwide. So when this opportunity came about to help bring KODAK Professional Chemistry back, we partnered with Photo Systems Inc to help in the process, with the consent and support of Eastman Kodak Company. Photo Systems was the perfect solution for this task with their manufacturing experience, commitment to analog excellence, and their tried and true ability to deliver quality. CineStill is lending a hand in branding, marketing, and distribution, and is committed to supporting the photography community through customer support, community engagement, education, distinctive brand awareness, and delivering consistent availability throughout the analog market. The entire line of photochemical solutions has been tested and certified for commercialization by Kodak’s Quality Assurance within their rigorous tolerances. After all, KODAK means Quality.

CineStill’s origin is deeply intertwined with and has always supported KODAK and their customers.  We are standing on the shoulders of giants and have strong relationships with Eastman Kodak Company, Eastman Business Park, Kodak Alaris, and many of the other KODAK brand licensees. Everything we do supports the availability of film photography and anyone making it more accessible to the analog consumer. This is an exciting time — having these legendary and tried and true photo chemistries back in the hands and darkrooms of photographers, educators, and labs around the world. 

Read more about this partnership here. You can now order KODAK Professional Photo Chemicals at cinestillfilm.com and from kodak.photosys.com.


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