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CineStill is excited to announce our first product dedicated to digital camera scanning: the CS-LITE Camera Scanning Light Source. The CS-LITE is a compact camera scanning light source, created to provide film photographers with better color accuracy and sharper images when it comes to scanning their favorite film with a digital camera.

Camera scanning is the crossroads where analog and digital photography meet to coexist and create beautiful imagery. It combines the nostalgic and unique qualities of film photography with the convenience of digital photography. This space has continued to evolve over the last few years, providing photographers and creators with newer, better ways to bring to light all the characteristics that make us fall in love with film. The CS-LITE is the latest in that space, and was created by photographers for photographers — because we wanted a light source that was easy-to-use, bright, and affordable.

The new CS-LITE is loaded with a handful of features all packed within a tiny package that can be easily adapted to anyone’s current camera scanning setup. The CS-LITE features a CRI of 95+ for high color accuracy and a brightness of EV 15+ to provide a sufficient amount of illumination for even the densest of negatives. What sets the CS-LITE apart from other light sources on the market, is its ability to adjust color temperatures to properly suit scanning different types of film, such as Color Negative, Color Positive, and Black-and-White.

The three different color modes that you'll find built into the CS-LITE are a cool light mode, a white light mode, and a warm light mode.

  • The Cool Light mode is intended for scanning color negative film such as CineStill 800T, 400D, and 50D. Cool Light mode is designed to reduce the orange mask that is present in color negative film to provide photographers with more neutral scans. Color-balanced scans can result in better color separation with less noise.
  • The White Light mode is ideal for scanning black-and-white film, as well as slide film that has been processed with the CineStill Cs6 DynamicChrome warm-tone developer.
  • The Warm Light mode is perfect for scanning slide film, as the tungsten-balanced light can produce richer tones and enhanced color separation, especially within the red channel.


We created 2 additional accessories that help make the CS-LITE even better!

  • CS-LiteMask: A set of masks for 35mm and 120 film that you can pair with your favorite film carrier to eliminate any of that unwanted spill light. A versatile solution that can be paired with the VALOI carriers, which fit perfectly into the mask for a compact stabilized solution. The masks also aid in reducing unwanted reflections and maintains uniformity across your entire scan. Comes included w/ the CS-LITE.

  • CS-LiteBrite+: A pair of light collimating sheets that increases the directional light output and further reduces the spill light and enhances diffusion uniformity. These two sheets placed directly over your light source can increase the brightness by 2.3x! The CS-LiteBrite+ can be used with any diffused light source on the market. Simply take it out of the packaging, trim the sheets to the appropriate size (if needed), and place it on top of your light source. In just a few seconds your scanning light source is now brighter! Available to purchase separately.

Right out of the box, the CS-LITE is compatible with most of today's film holders, such as VALOI, Negative Supply, Lomography, and more! The CS-LITE is designed to be easily integrated into your current scanning workflow. Just place your film holder on top of the CS-LITE and you're ready to scan!



The ideal kit for those looking for an affordable bundle to start camera scanning their favorite 35mm and 120 film!


This bundle was made for analog enthusiasts who want to get the best out of their film scans.


Watch our YouTube video to get an in-depth look at the CS-LITE. We take you through its features, compatibility, accessories, and how to use it to get the best scans out of your negatives!

The CS-LITE is an excellent light source for any photographer that scans their film with a digital camera. Its easy-to-use controller, variable color modes, and extremely bright light output help to create better-quality scans with accurate colors. The CS-LITE is available now. Get yours TODAY!

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