CineStill + ADOX: Together in a new way!

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Have we introduced you to our friend ADOX yet? Well, after over a decade of collaboration and partnership, CineStill is helping to bring the extensive suite of ADOX photographic products to North America, serving the analog community across the continent. We aim to amplify ADOX's brand presence throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, ensuring swift access for labs, photo retail outlets, and avid photographers. You'll begin to see these great products more often — both from your favorite local shops and at

ADOX was founded in 1860 in Germany and holds the prestigious title of being the oldest brand for photochemical products in the world. The company remains a prominent name in the industry, consistently producing photographic film, chemical solutions, and other analog products. A team of devoted and enthusiastic film professionals at ADOX take charge of manufacturing these high-quality products. They operate from the main production facility located in Berlin, Germany, and a specialized coating facility situated in Marly, Switzerland. Their combined efforts uphold ADOX's reputation for delivering top-notch photographic products to their global clientele.


Get ready to experience Rodinal, a renowned B&W developer from the esteemed ADOX product line! Since its first patent in 1891, Rodinal has continued to astound, standing out as the oldest film developer still on the market today. With its remarkable edge sharpness, unparalleled film speed, and legendarily long usable life, it's no wonder that Rodinal has remained an essential piece in every photographer's toolkit for over a century. It's not just a product, but a legacy, continuing to thrill photography enthusiasts worldwide!


Unleash your creativity with the Scala Reversal lineup from ADOX! This revolutionary product allows photographers to create awe-inspiring B&W positive (Slide) images. The Scala lineup, including a low ISO film and a reversal processing kit, is the ultimate game-changer, providing film photographers with an exciting new avenue to showcase their masterpieces.

ADOX Scala 50 B&W 35mm 36-exp: An ultra fine grained superpanchromatic B&W transparency (slide) film with very high resolution, excellent sharpness, very high Dmax, and a clear film base.

Scala Reversal Kit For B&W Reversal Processing: Made to siimplify the black & white reversal process. Featuring just two parts and an optional clear bath. Simply mix the Developer and Bleach 1+1 with water, and get going!


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