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The legacy of Italian cinema is set to explode once again with Film Ferrania's revolutionary new film...P33.

P33 is a revolution in black-and-white photography that fuses innovation with tradition for unparalleled results! Built from the ground up, this panchromatic film will have a sensitivity of ISO 160, giving photographers a smoother, more versatile photographic experience than ever before. Building upon the innovation and recent improvements made to the latest version of its predecessor P30, such as extended spectral sensitivity and dynamic range, P33 upholds unique features such as fine grain and crisp well-defined contrast. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, P33 opens up the world of black-and-white analog photography, making it more accessible for all!

Film Ferrania's R&D team has outdone themselves once again with the groundbreaking P33, an innovation that carries forward the prestigious Ferrania history. With P33, Film Ferrania's diverse lineup of analog film, including the acclaimed P30, celebrated for its virtually invisible grain and unique 'Dolce Vita' aesthetic, and Orto 50, just got a dynamic new addition. The P33 launch is not just an announcement, it's an invitation to photographers of all skill levels to plunge into the infinite world of black-and-white photography. With promising improvements in ease of shooting and development stages, P33 is set to revolutionize your photographic journey.

Film Ferrania P33 will be available in North America at and your local film stores starting February 29th.

Film Ferrania P33 will be available in North America at and your local film stores starting February 29th.



Film Ferrania represents Italian excellence in the film industry. It all began 100+ years ago, when Ferrania emerged as one of the leading producers of photographic and cinematographic film. Its products were renowned for their quality and unique style, capturing the attention of directors, photographers, and artists globally, and solidifying "Ferrania" as a symbol of distinction in the analog film sector.

Mid-20th century Italian maestros, including Pier Paolo Pasolini, Vittorio De Sica, Roberto Rossellini, and Federico Fellini, utilized P30 stock for some of their most iconic productions. In the present day, Ferrania's research and development team is dedicated to creating innovative films that continue to inspire photographers and artists worldwide. 
Ferrania films are proudly made in their reinvented facility, on the grounds of the original company, in Cairo Montenotte, Italy.

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