400D Campaign Update #2!!!

Posted by Arvin Santiago on

Can you believe it? Since our last campaign update, a lot has happened, and quite frankly, it’s made all of us excited! Not only because we’re introducing a new color film, but because the analog community has shown and proven to us, that the need for more 400 speed film is there.

In just over a week, we flew right through our first two goals and we are now over 95% of the way to hitting our third and final goal, being able to produce 400D in 4x5 LARGE FORMAT — which you can begin to pre-order now! To see a crowdfunding campaign for analog photography reach these goals is HUGE!! FILM IS ALIVE and it’s all because of you!

With 10 days left in our campaign, can we hit that final goal and reach 10,000 backers!? The more backers, the more film we will make. We already have begun the process of creating our next batch of 400D and getting to 10k backers will help us to make even more as we look to have 400D available everywhere this summer.


Our EARLY BIRD ROLL OF 400D 35MM and EARLY BIRD 120 “PROPACK” have both SOLD OUT and are no longer available. With two of our EARLY BIRD levels being completely sold out, the opportunity to be one of the first to shoot our new 400D is slowly dwindling. We still have one early bird level available “EARLY BIRD BRICK OF 400D (10X ROLLS OF 35MM)” so act fast before it sells out.

4x5 large format 400D tiers are unlocked and available for purchase now. By backing “Grandpa Graflex” or the 100 sheet 4x5 level, you can secure this new film in large format.

We're still running a limited time promotion where you get a free 400D enamel pin for orders containing multiple tiers, while supplies last.

We updated our campaign website to show the designs for our exclusive add-ons for the different Film Maker levels: the Film Maker enamel pin, Film Maker patch, and the JCH "400D Violet" Film Cases.

There are 10 days left in our crowdfunding campaign, which means this will be the last chance to pre-order 400D until the next round of film is made available this summer.

Want to contribute, but don’t know which level to choose?
Check out some of our amazing character tiers!


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