#CineStillDevDays - Recap Videos now on IGTV!

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Hey there everyone! Hope you're staying safe and well!

We’ve had a lot of fun with our #CineStillDevDays Live streams. So much fun, that we want to make sure those of you who missed out on catching them live, still get to enjoy them!

We’ll be posting our previous #CineStillDevDays as 15 minute re-cap episodes on Instagram TV, starting with our most recent. So head on over to our Instagram, follow us if you haven't already (@CineStillFilm), and start watching!

To make these possible, we’ve gone and edited the live video recordings down to IGTV-sized 15 minute installments, being sure to include as much of the good stuff as we can - which is tough, since our livestreams are absolutely chock full of tips and tricks, and usually go for at least double the time requirements of IGTV. As always, tuning in to our full-length streams are the best way to enjoy the full #CineStillDevDays experience, with loads of useful information, Live Q&A, and the ability to participate in the comments!

We're really looking forward to making these recap videos available so new viewers can get a glimpse of what our full #CineStillDevDays streams are all about, and also get an idea of what to expect for the next one! So, be sure to head on over to Instagram TV, find us by using our Instagram handle @CineStillFilm, and check them out!

Now, this doesn’t mean we’re done with Dev days! In fact, we’ve still got some really cool things planned that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned for more updates and keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram feed, and our Instagram TV channel for stories and extra information. See you soon!

Stay safe, stay home, and shoot film!

All the best,
Cinestill Team

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