CineStill Dev Days Part 2! - 6pm PST on Instagram Live, FRIDAY APRIL 3rd

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Join us at the same time, same place - 6pm PST on Instagram Live, FRIDAY APRIL 3rd- for our second Cinestill Dev Day! This time, we'll be doing a live walk-through of the LAB-BOX 35mm Module, DF-96 Monobath, and will be processing a roll of BwXX. Live and on the air!

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Stay Home, Stay Safe, Shoot Film!

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We want to let you know that we're still here. We're still operating. We may have to adapt, but we will not quit. CineStill's commitment is to deliver orders to our customers, while maintaining a safe environment for all of us. Fulfillment remains unaffected by Safer At Home because the government considers fulfillment an essential service. Some shipping carriers are running with reduced service levels, but we are still fulfilling all orders. Be sure to scroll down for some important updates...

We want to send out a big thank you to each and every one of you for your support over these past few years. With your help we were able to bring 800T 120 into the world, we helped people discover the joys of at-home development with the Df96 Monobath, Cs41 2-Bath Color Process and the TCS-1000, and with your continued support we can keep making analog photography more accessible for years to come.

During this difficult time, there's no ignoring the impact that COVID-19 is having on all of our lives. By now, many of us are adhering to social distancing, self-isolation, and self quarantine. For many of us, it is important to continue to create amidst all of the chaos we see around us.

In the midst of all of the uncertainty, it has been immensely encouraging to see the creative community rally and problem-solve, to fight for connection, creativity, and positivity.

We at CineStill want to do our best to make sure your favorite film stocks and chemistry products are in-stock and available as much as possible during these times. We want to make sure you have the tools you need to keep creating, to keep sharing ideas, and to continue to keep analog photography alive.

We urge you to consider your favorite labs during these times. Without them, the community would undoubtedly suffer. Many are still open and accepting mail-in's or drop off's. We encourage you to support these vital members of the analog community with your business.

Likewise, consider purchasing art from artists you follow on social media. It is an incredibly tough time for all. Every little bit helps. "Like" that post, send an encouraging message, buy a print or other artwork. Support those who make art in whatever way you are able.

So, we thank you in advance for your patience as we find our footing in these strange times. As our supporter, you are our priority.

CineStill Updates:

Film is Back in Stock!

We are re-stocking our fulfillment centers and dealers with fresh film to ship immediately to your front door. Keep shooting! Keep creating.

At-Home Dev-Kits!

Be empowered to take full creative control of your process. Now is the time to experience what it's like to take your film and turn them into negatives you can scan, share, print, etc. We have assembled some exclusive starter kits to begin processing your film from the safety of your own home. We know that getting out to the lab to get your film processed can be difficult, if not down right impossible, during this time but processing your own film is easier and more rewarding than you may think. 

The latest episode of CineStill Frames!

The new episode of CineStill Frames, Featuring Cinematographer Natalie Kingston, is on it's way. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch it when it drops.

@CineStillFilm's "Instagram Live" #CineStillDevDays!

Be sure to follow along and tune in to our upcoming instagram live-streams. It's a great chance to watch our developing kits in-action, ask questions, laugh at our awkwardness, and stay in the loop about upcoming announcements. Our next live-stream is today (Friday, Mar 27th) at 6pm PST on instagram.

In conclusion. Times are tough. But we're still here. The entire analog community is still here, and we're determined to keep making the world better.

Be sure to keep creating, keep sharing ideas, keep safe, and keep shooting film!

Yours in Analog,
The CineStill Team

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We are excited to announce that the LAB-BOX is here and ready to order now! We have been in support of this product from day -1. It is now our privilege to assist ars-imago as their importer in the U.S., and support them at the vanguard of the analog renaissance. Our first round of fulfillment will be allocated to the backers of the successful Kickstarter campaign. After the backers have been duly rewarded for their support, we will then begin distributing orders to dealers and customers for the highly anticipated official LAB-BOX retail release date of August 1st. Inventory is limited and will be allocated on a 1st-come 1st-serve basis, so get your order in now!

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New D96 and F96 Powder 2-Bath Chemistry!

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We are proud to introduce two brand new additions to the CineStill Chemistry Catalog: "D96” Powder B&W Motion Picture Developer, and "F96” the world’s only Powder Rapid Fixer for B&W + Bleach-Bypass Color Film!

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New Lay-Flat Powder Chemistry, And Improved Film!

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Our Df96 Monobath and Cs41 2-Bath Color Kit can now ship in First-Class/Priority mail envelopes, not regulated for transport. Save up to 75% on shipping rates!
We have some very exciting news for those of you who don't like to pay to ship Earth's most abundant resource around the world! Introducing, CineStill Powder Chemistry! Just add WATER, and you've got a black & white monobath or 2-bath color processing.

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