Black & White Friday Sale Starts Now!

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Order through 11/24 for BLACK & WHITE FRIDAY special pricing!


To celebrate the availability of CineStill BWXX, Double-X Negative film, all black and white film and chemicals from Kodak and CineStill are on sale for Black Friday. So get your stocking stuffers now or stock up for capturing the holidays on classic B&W film, at 10% to 33% off the lowest advertised prices. 

And if you’d like to mix in some color film while warming by the fireplace or in the bright snowy daylight, be sure to add some 800Tungsten and 50Daylight in 120 or 135 format to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING on film orders $75 or more.

Happy Holidays!

Still Silver,

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CineStill BWXX is Back in Limited Supply!

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CineStill BWXX 35mm

CINESTILL BWXX by Sandy Phimester

Order Through 11/24 for BLACK & WHITE FRIDAY Special Pricing!

Available now exclusively through our online shopCineStill BWXX is back by popular demand!! BWXX is a high speed, classic black & white film emulsion, with an EI of 250 under daylight and 200 under tungsten lighting.

CineStill BWXX is professionally spooled into high quality 135 (Non Dx-Coded) 36 exposure cartridges. Though we plan to continue producing this film, our initial inventory of this beautiful emulsion will certainly sell out fast, so order yours now!

Originally created by Eastman Kodak in 1959, Eastman double-x 5222, has since became a most beloved film for cinema and still photographers alike.

This classic black and white film stock has been left relatively unchanged since it's first release. Though Kodak no longer offers this wonderful film to the analog still photography community, it is still available to cinematographers—and why should they get to have all the fun?

Some of the movies using the classic Eastman double-x film stock 5222 include: 

Raging Bull (1980), Schindler's List (1993), Stranger Than Paradise (1984), Memento (2000), Kafka (1991), Casino Royale (2006), I'm Not There (2007), Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), Manhattan (1979), Cinderella Man (2005), Aferim! (2015), Frantz (2016), American Horror Story (2011-2017) and many many more.

image by Sandy Phimester


CineStill BWXX 35mm


CineStill BWXX 35mm
CineStill BWXX is an excellent choice for those looking for a classic film stock to fill the void left by the discontinuation of it's wonderful sister films, Kodak Plus-x and TXP320.

Recommended development in any black and white film developers. An extensive list of developing times for this film may be found at & The Massive Dev Chart form

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Medium Format CineStill 50D Pre-Sale in 120!

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Greetings fellow film makers and film shooters! It is with much excitement that we finally get to announce the Pre-Sale of CineStill 50D in medium format!

Throughout the crowdfunding campaign, it was amazing to see the support for 800T in medium format. After reaching our goal for 800T, we set our sights on bringing 50D to 120 as well. You made your support for it clear so we made it our mission to make it happen. Sadly, we fell slightly short of our stretch goal which could have secured enough funds for its own simultaneous medium format production run alongside 800T. But we remained determined to make it happen. 

We built a whole new production facility, encountered many challenges and wound up doubling down, dollar for dollar, to fulfill the dream that we shared with thousands of analogue Film Makers. Following the fulfillment of the 800T 120 Alpha and finally the full retail release, we continued honing our process to a point where we could further invest in our vision to make the world's finest grain color negative film for the world's finest format! 

So, without further ado, we are excited to announce that we're finally bringing 50D to the world of medium format! We’ve opened pre-orders on our store so you can be among the first to get your hands on 50D in 120 this summer!

We are continually thankful for all of the support and faith of this awesome community, and are immensely grateful that we get to bring such an exciting new film stock to the market. We’re going to love shooting it just as much as you, and we can’t wait to throw a roll in our cameras!

CineStill 120 50Daylight

Click the link, preorder, and be the first to shoot Cinestill 50D in 120!

Stay golden film shooters, the renaissance is still silver! 

Your Film Family,
Cinestill Inc.


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Prerelease of 120 800T for Retail!

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CineStill in MEDIUM FORMAT is here!!!

CineStill 800T 120 NOW AVAILABLE for preorder in our online store!
Thanks to the support and feedback of our Film Makers, Retail packaged Medium Format CineStill is finally coming to market! The first ever retail production run will be hitting shelves in April.

Be among the first to get your 800T 120 by preordering here. Supplies are limited, so order now before they are all spoken for. This release is sure to sell out quick!
Just some of the beautiful images recently created by Film Makers, tagged #CineStill120 on Instagram.

Our Film Makers, who supported us on IndieGoGo, came through in a big way! Their Alpha tests were crucial in getting CineStill 800T in 120 ready for retail. Thank you Film Makers! Your feedback was exceptional and the results are amazing! We never could have done it without you.
Contact sheet of our first ever prototype roll, hand slit and spooled in 2012.

Five years ago, we first began creating a prototype process with IMAX film, in Hollywood, which would become our beta testing process for CineStill in Medium Format. Today, with your help, we have successfully: designed and built a new process at our facility in Eastman Business Park, produced an Alpha run at 14K times to scale of our prototype, and secured high quality film manufacturing for years to come.

Dream big and wake up early... But keep on daydreaming!

Your Film Family,
The CineStill Team

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Alpha 120 Overnight - Featuring "Film Maker" Chris Malloy

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"Film Maker", Chris Malloy, recently got an Alpha 120 roll from Downtown camera and tested it that night. Chris Malloy is a father, husband, photographer and teacher in Calgary Alberta. Finding beauty where others do not, he specializes in urban and rural fine art photography.

"I have been taking photos at night for a few years now, and much of that shooting is done under the harsh yellow glow of a streetlight. I have also been incorporating more film shooting into my life, but the daylight-balanced films often propose a bit of a challenge when shooting urban environments after dark."

"Enter Cinestill 800T. I have shot quite a few rolls of 135 and was pretty impressed with the results. One thing that should be noted is that although it may appear quite yellow, there is a huge range of mixed light around a city at night, especially here in Calgary now that many of the streetlights have been converted to LED. So I was curious to see how a specifically tungsten-balanced film would handle these conditions, especially in 120, with so much information to play with."

"Downtown Camera in Toronto was generous enough to ship me a roll with the caveat that I needed to shoot it that night and ship is back across the country to them the following day."

"When I received my alpha-roll of 120 to test I was really excited to put it to the test. Considering it was not yet a full-production product, I was half-expecting it to come hand wrapped in tin foil with a sticky note on it. It wasn't. It was wrapped in a blank white wrapper which made me think of an unreleased concept car, semi-concealed to protect its identity."

"Fast forward to a few days later when I got the scans back and I was really impressed. The 120 version seemed to handle the harsh dynamic range of an urban environment at night really well. At their extreme, the highlights glow red due to the absence of the antihalation remjet layer, which Cinestill removes to allow for normal C41 development. In my experience, these glow red orbs are far less apparent in the 120 format than in 135. The detail in the photos was fantastic, especially considering the high speed of the film, it retained a ton of information in both highlights and shadows. There's also a gorgeous mood that the grain creates on this film, especially in the shadows at night. It was far less apparent in the photos that were more intensely lit, but it was still there. The 120 format also provides a huge amount of latitude from an editing and colour grading perspective, handing over creative control to the shooter."

"I will absolutely be adding this stock to my arsenal of tools for creating images from now on." -Chris Malloy

Check out the rest of Chris Malloy's amazing work at his website and follow him on instagram. (mistermalloy)

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