CineStill Rocks! - Bret Michaels on 800T by Fabio Ventura

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"I have photographed Rock concerts on film for while now, and no other 35mm color film I have used comes close in latitude and tonality. I have used Portra 400 & 800, as well as fujifilm Superia 1600. Cinestill wins every time."
~Fabio Ventura

Photography by Fabio Ventura Photography

Lab scans are from Indie Film Lab, on Fuji Frontier SP3000, shot at 1000iso, dev +1. 
My request of them is pretty much low contrast, low sharp, neutral tones. 
I exported from LR as full size jpgs, no output sharpness (only a little of shapen in LR, mostly edge)compression 95 on export.

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