#CinestillDevDays part 7 - 5:30pm PDT, Friday August 28th on Instagram Live!

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Did you miss the live stream? Don't panic! Click here to watch the re-run on IGTV.

Catch us on Instagram live, this Friday (August 28th) at 5:30pm Pacific time as we walk you through the capable and unbeatable Jobo duo kit. Available now on our online store! Unfamiliar with how to properly mix your powder chemistry with your TCS-1000? Not too sure how to load that new Jobo tank in the darkbag?

Have no fear! We'll show you how to master your home lab set-up, and get you on your way to processing your own film in no time!

We'll cover key points such as: loading your film tank, chemistry care, TCS-1000 usage, different processing techniques, how to control temperature, and more! And as always, we'll be answering all of your home-processing related questions in our live Q&A. (Rumor has it there may be a sneaky giveaway at the end too!)

Follow us on Instagram - @CineStillFilm and don't miss it! See you on IG live!


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