Sunray Box III Panorama + Negative/Slide Holders - Lightbox For Camera Scanning Slide & Negative Film Scans

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Introducing the Sunray Box 3 Panorama! 

Elegantly display your transparencies or efficiently scan all of your film in all it's analog glory! Now compatible with panorama formats, such as XPan, Widelux or 6x12cm, and large format 4x5" film! The maximum brightness has more than Doubled with a 3-stage power switch (25%,50%,100%). 

The Sunray Box III is the perfect starting point for high quality film scanning at home!
To begin scanning your film with your digital camera you need 3 essential things: A macro lens, flat film, and a great light source! With a full spectrum, daylight strength light source and multi-format film holders, all you need is to mount your camera above your illuminated film and you are ready to go! No need for a dedicated film scanner, with 35mm, 120, and 4x5 film holders you can easily digitize your precious film photographs in high resolution at faster speeds at home!


  • LED light box handcrafted out of bamboo
  • 135 film holder for 35mm, XPan film and slide mounts
  • 120 film holder for 6x6-6x12cm film and medium format slide mounts (available ONLY in "135+120" or "135+120+4x5" product variant)
  • 4x5 film holder for large format negatives and transparencies (available ONLY in "135+120+4x5" product variant)
  • Microfiber anti-static gloves x 2 pairs
  • Dust blower bulb

This handcrafted bamboo light box features uniform diffusion with a blindingly bright (2800 Lumens) LED light array for faster capture, and a high color rendering (CRI 96+ / TLCI 99) for accurate color. The ability to toggle between 3 brightness levels allows you to view and capture your film in any environment. The brilliant illumination allows you to set your aperture is f/8 - f/11 at faster shutter speeds, which gives you the best resolution with minimum chance of camera shake. These precise and sturdy multi-format film holders, made with 5 axis CNC machines, will hold mounted slides or cut film flat for scanning. Also compatible with roll film carriers such as Negative Supply Film Carrier Mk1 and 120 Film Carrier, and film holders up to 4x5". 

Negative Supply film carriers sold separately 


  • Cinema quality light, bright as daylight
  • 96+ CRI / 99+TLCI for high color accuracy
  • 4x5.5 inch illumination area
  • Compatible with panorama formats
  • 3-stage brightness control toggle (25%,50%,100%)
  • Handmade bamboo and CNC aluminum construction
  • Can be used as an illumination source for other devices
  • Long power cable with 3-stage brightness switch 
▲ 70x32mm is suitable for full frame and panorama negative and positive film.
▲ Reverse side of film holder is for 135 slide mounts.
▲ Adjustable 120 mask between 60-120x56mm, for 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, and 6x12.
▲ Reverse side of holder is for 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 slide mounts.▲ 4x5 inch holder keeps sheet film suspended flat above the light source. 


  • CRI (Ra) : 96 / TLCI : 99
  • Lumens : 2800 lm
  • Luminous efficiency : 118 (lm/w)
  • Color temperture : 5600K
  • Voltage : AC 100-240V 50/60Hz with US plug
  • Wattage: 22W
  • Dimensions : 9 x 5.7 x 2.5 in
  • Weight : 1.5 lbs

    Recommended Accessories:

    Film Carriers

    A negative holder keeps the film in place for image capture. The Sunray Box holders (included) are precise and versatile for handling all cut film and slides. For even more precision and faster scanning of roll film we recommend Negative Supply film carriers. They hold your precious film perfectly flat and safe. The film needs to be perfectly flat and secure for sharp photos when digitizing. This is the key to excellent film scans. Spare no expense.

    Camera Stand

    The most convenient option for a camera stand is something you already own, like a sturdy tripod with an invertible column so you can mount your camera underneath or an old enlarger with an adapter plate. However, if you want a camera stand made for camera scanning, we have a few affordable options including the convenient Foldable Copy Stand. This camera stand quickly collapses the telescopic center column with a quick buckle design and folds down to the base for convenient flat storage and carrying. The design also features a tapered quick release pin for easy secure mounting of your camera and a camera pitch angle knob to adjust flatness.

    Camera & Lens

    Camera Body

    Just about any semi-modern interchangeable camera will work great for camera scanning. There are many mirrorless or DSLR options to choose from, with the most convenient offering tethered live view capture to your computer. The Canon T2i is probably the cheapest option out there with tethering and large lens selection, and new cameras like the Sony A7 series are now very affordable with great IQ. High end setups may even use the new full frame Panasonic mirrorless cameras with pixel stitching for insane resolution.

    Macro Lens

    For camera scanning, the one real requirement is that your lens focuses close enough to capture the entire frame, without having to digitally crop. For full frame cameras and capturing 35mm film, the term 1:1 designates a lens that will reproduce the 35mm frame exactly onto the full frame digital sensor. With crop bodies, 1:1 focus even closer. There are also options to use extension tubes for older macro lenses. We have had excellent results with an inexpensive Nikon 55mm macro from the film days or using a simple extension tube to get 1:1 on our full frame bodies. Higher end, yet affordable options include the excellent Sigma 70mm ART Macro. Outside of reproduction factor (1:1), also look out for lenses that are sharp, have good color reproduction, limit internal reflections (modern coatings), and have very little vignetting. Finally, it’s generally best to use your lens stopped down 2-3 stops from wide open, as this gives a good combination between depth of field and brightness.

    Software for Negative Conversion

    There are a few plugins and standalone programs for converting negatives into positives. Some older and some newer, all of them try to harness the color science based in darkroom paper to various degrees. Many professional scanners have used LaserSoft applications or some proprietary/built-in software to emulate darkroom printing. After all, even a professional lab scanner is simply a digital camera and a light source. The applications below do the same thing for converting negatives captured with you digital camera rather than a digital camera built into a scanner. We recommend choosing the one that best suits your workflow. 

    Mac/PC Consumer  👨‍💻 $
    Negative Lab Pro Adobe Lr Prosumer  👨‍🔧👨‍🔬🧙‍♂️ $$
    LaserSoft NegaFix SilverFast HDR 8 Professional  👨‍🔬🧙‍♂️ $$$
    ColorPerfect Adobe Ps Expert  🧙‍♂️ $

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