360 Diffuser for Camera Scanning with The 360 Advancer

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“Valoi” is a Finnish word meaning light and creation — a nod to the creativity of analog photography. The Scandinavian roots of VALOI are visible in the minimalist and functional design. VALOI 360 is a film holder system that is an affordable way to digitize your rolls of 35mm and 120 medium format film using a digital camera, without compromising on features. This system will help you scan film quicker and, with the right setup, with higher quality than traditional flatbed scanners. 

If you want to further diffuse any dust or imperfections on the surface of your film, want to use a tablet or phone screen as a light source or you are struggling with an uneven light source, the VALOI Diffuser will give you that little bit of extra diffusion that you need to get an even scan. 

The Diffuser is precision-cut to fit exactly with the other products in the VALOI 360 line-up. It can be secured to the bottom of the VALOI Advancer or recommended for use with the VALOI holder when used independently. 



  • Precision-cut to fit other VALOI 360 Advancer and Film Holders 
  • Recommended with using a digital screen as a light source 
  • Advancer and Film Holders sold separately

Compatible with: 35mm Holder, 120 Holder, Advancer

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