360 Duster, Anti-Static Brushes for Camera Scanning with The 360 Advancer

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“Valoi” is a Finnish word meaning light and creation — a nod to the creativity of analog photography. The Scandinavian roots of VALOI are visible in the minimalist and functional design. VALOI 360 is a film holder system that is an affordable way to digitize your rolls of 35mm and 120 medium format film using a digital camera, without compromising on features. This system will help you scan film quicker and, with the right setup, with higher quality than traditional flatbed scanners. 

We all know dust can be a big problem in film scanning. And wiping away dust can generate static, which just attracts more dust! That's why the VALOI Duster was to made to screw right onto the back of the VALOI Advancer. These anti-static brushes will capture most of the dust without generating static electricity and give you a significantly cleaner scan.

The two brushes set against each other are fixed in a sturdy machined aluminum frame and attached to the back of the Advancer using the included thumbscrews. This is the perfect anti-dust solution for anyone with the Advancer.



  • Anti-static brushes
  • Double brushes, for dislodging dust on both sides of the film
  • Attaches easily to the VALOI Advancer using thumb-screws
  • Quality aluminum construction
  • User-replaceable brushes (spares will be available)
  • 70mm wide: Suitable for any format up to and including 70mm gauge
  • Advancer sold separately 

Compatible with: Only compatible with the Advancer - This product cannot be used in its intended way without the Advancer.

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