360 35mm Film Holders
for digital camera scanning 135 film

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  • Holds your 35mm negatives flat for high-quality digital camera scanning (select sub-format from drop-down menu)
  • Designed with a special double S-curved track to flatten the negative
  • Prevents reflections with matte black plastic and strategic anti-reflection angles
  • Quick-advance system to push or pull film through, no fiddling with traditional clam-shell designs
  • Minimizes vignetting on the edges with a beveled design under the film
  • Comes with stick-on rubber feet to prevent the holder sliding when placed on top of a light source
  • Can be used with or without the VALOI Advancer

Product Details


“Valoi” is a Finnish word meaning light and creation — a nod to the creativity of analog photography. The Scandinavian roots of VALOI are visible in the minimalist and functional design. VALOI 360 is a film holder system that is an affordable way to digitize your rolls of 35mm and 120 medium format film using a digital camera, without compromising on features. This system will help you scan film quicker and, with the right setup, with higher quality than traditional flatbed scanners. 

The VALOI 360 35mm Film Holders are the perfect entry-point for trying out camera scanning and can be used on their own or with the VALOI Advancer. Stick-on rubber feet are included to prevent the holder from sliding around if used directly on top of a light source rather than the VALOI Advancer. Available in multiple 35mm formats (select film format from drop-down menu). 

The double S-curved track keeps the film exceptionally flat. The design makes it quick and easy to scan by allowing you to push/pull film through the holder instead of a traditional clam-shell design that requires constant opening and closing (cotton gloves are recommended to prevent fingerprints). Optimized for full, uncut rolls of 35mm film. They will work with cut strips, but flatness may vary. 

Standard 35mm Holder:

The standard 35mm holder completely masks off the film rebate and the sprockets (35mm Sprocket and Panoramic holders are available as separate products). It provides the flattest and highest quality scans of the 35mm options. Frames wider than the standard 24x36mm can be scanned by stitching together multiple digital captures in post-processing software.


35mm Sprocket Holder:

The 35mm Sprocket Film Holder allows users to scan their 35mm film with a digital camera in a way that displays part of the film rebate and sprockets for a unique look. The widened film gate does slightly decrease film flatness in comparison to the standard 35mm Film Holder. For optimal scanning quality, the standard 35mm Holder is the better choice. 


35mm Panoramic Holder:

The 35mm Panoramic Film Holder allows users to scan panoramic images with frames up to 86x33mm in size. Most of the sprocket/rebate area is also visible. The widened film gate does slightly decrease film flatness in comparison to the standard 35mm Film Holder. 


Compatible Accessories: CS-Lite, Advancer, 35mm Half Frame Mask

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