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Superpan 200 High Speed B&W Negative Film, 35mm
135-36 exp. ISO 200

  • $7.99

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  • Traditional Black and White Film
  • 200 ISO plus/minus 1 stop
  • 0.10 mm (.004"), polyester base
  • Color sensitivity into the near infra-red range, up to 750nm
  • Very fine grain and high sharpness,
  • Can be exposed as a 125 to a 200 ISO film
  • Great maximum density
  • Great tone reproduction
  • Optimum flatness
  • Transparent = Ideal for scanning and as a slide

Product Details

Rollei was founded in 1920 and is known for its top-of-the-line Rolleiflex and Rolleicord medium-format cameras. No longer producing cameras, MACO is now the licensee of the Rollei brand products, that includes a line of black and white films. Rollei’s films range from 25 ISO panchromatic fine-grained film to other film types like the near-infrared 400 ISO and the ultra-sharp Ortho Plus 25 ISO orthochromatic.

A high-speed black and white negative film,  Rollei Superpan 200 has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200. This film really demonstrate its high performance and reliability in low lighting conditions. This film can be increased to ISO 400 by pushing. Superpan 200 is a real all-rounder and the true Agfa Scala successor for B&W slide film! Another special feature is its extended infrared range up to 750 nm, which can produce creative effects with the appropriate filter.

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