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Superpan 200 High Speed B&W Negative Film, 120
Medium Format ISO 200

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  • Traditional Black and White Film
  • 200 ISO plus/minus 1 stop
  • 0.10 mm (.004"), polyester base
  • Color sensitivity into the near infra-red range, up to 750nm
  • Very fine grain and high sharpness,
  • Can be exposed as a 125 to a 200 ISO film
  • Great maximum density
  • Great tone reproduction
  • Optimum flatness
  • Transparent = Ideal for scanning and as a slide

Product Details

Rollei was founded in 1920 and is known for its top-of-the-line Rolleiflex and Rolleicord medium-format cameras. No longer producing cameras, MACO is now the licensee of the Rollei brand products, that includes a line of black and white films. Rollei’s films range from 25 ISO panchromatic fine-grained film to other film types like the near-infrared 400 ISO and the ultra-sharp Ortho Plus 25 ISO orthochromatic.

A completely reliable partner in changing light conditions, Rollei Retro 400S can be used as both an all-round film and as a film for the gray areas. Photograph in available light and dim lighting conditions. Rollei RETRO 400S is coated onto a modern synthetic film base.

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