RPX 400 High Speed B&W Negative Film, 35mm
135 36 exp. ISO 400

  • $7.99

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  • Traditional panchromatic black and white film
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor shots
  • Fine grain
  • Great sharpness
  • Broad exposure latitude
  • Rich tonal range with good contrast
  • Compatible with most standard developers
  • Sensitized from 380 to 660 nm at 2.850K

Product Details

Rollei was founded in 1920 and is known for its top-of-the-line Rolleiflex and Rolleicord medium-format cameras. No longer producing cameras, MACO is now the licensee of the Rollei brand products, that includes a line of black and white films. Rollei’s films range from 25 ISO panchromatic fine-grained film to other film types like the near-infrared 400 ISO and the ultra-sharp Ortho Plus 25 ISO orthochromatic.

A traditional high-speed black and white film, Rollei RPX 400 is ideal for a wide range of photographic and scientific applications. Rollei RPX 400 is an excellent choice for available light situations and whenever you are facing limited light conditions but need excellent photographic results.

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