Universal Developing Tank + 2 Film Reels

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Paterson System 4 drip-free film developing tank from Paterson in England.

The Paterson Universal Tank offers a choice of agitation methods; Use inversion agitation with the patented large rubber lid that seals well to the tank, rotary agitation with the removable agitator rod for simple use in a temperature control bath, or a combination of both.

The removable funnel/light-trap works perfectly with the Df96 Monobath, since it's safe to remove light trap and funnel the single-step solution back into the bottle for reuse.

Holds two reels set to 35mm or a single reel set to 120/220 film. It comes with two multi-format reels for 35mm, 126, 127, 120, or 220 rolls. The film reels are made with quality construction and spool the film automatically with small ball bearings.

The reels from Paterson and the economical AP-Tanks are interchangeable. So if you already have the AP reels and just want to upgrade the tank, you can do that too.

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