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360 Light Adapter
for CineStill CS-Lite

  • $79.99

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  • Designed to securely attach the CineStill CS-Lite light source to the VALOI 360 Advancer for a strong and stable scanning platform
  • Heavy 2.5mm steel construction
  • Four adjustable rubber feet for good grip and leveling

Product Details

“Valoi” is a Finnish word meaning light and creation — a nod to the creativity of analog photography. The VALOI 360 Light Adapter is designed to secure the CineStill CS-LITE to the VALOI 360 Advancer for a more complete, stable scanning platform.

The CS-LITE slides into the Light Adapter and is secured with a set screw from the side. The Advancer can then be screwed into the top of the Light Adapter. Four adjustable rubber feet provide a firm grip onto the scanning surface and can be used to level the apparatus for perfectly sharp scans.

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