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CS-LiteBrite+ 130% Light Enhancement Sheets
for scanning 35mm, 120, & 4x5 film

  • $19.99

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  • 2 light enhancement sheets
  • 2.3x increased brightness
  • Increased directional light output
  • Reduces spill light
  • Enhances diffusion uniformity
  • Aids in achieving sharper and higher quality scans of your film
  • Trim (as needed) to fit the size of your light source
  • Sheet Dimensions: 5.25 in x 4.25 in

Product Details

FILM SCANNING BRIGHTER THAN EVER: Introducing the CineStill CS-LiteBrite+

An affordable, easy way to upgrade your light source for digital camera scanning.

The CS-LiteBrite+ contains 2 light enhancement sheets designed to increase directional light output for camera scanning, which reduces spill light and enhances diffusion uniformity. Use a single CS-LiteBrite+ sheet placed directly on any diffused light source to increase brightness by more than 60%, or use both sheets correctly to get 130% increased light output for diffused light sources. That’s 2.3X brighter, resulting in sharper and higher quality scans. 

Works with 35mm, 120, and 4x5 film holders. Simply place on the surface of any diffused light source centered under the film holder. Though these sheets do not need to cover the entire light surface, they can be trimmed (as needed) to fit the dimensions of smaller light sources. A protective film on both sides of each sheet must be removed prior to use. 


Trim to fit on light source (as needed)

Peel off protective film from both sides

Align both sheets using notches in top right

Orient sheets flat on surface of light, centered

under film holder to enhance directional light

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