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HARMAN EZ-35 35mm Reusable Camera
with HP5 Film

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  • Reusable film camera
  • Motorized film loading, frame advance and rewind functions
  • ‘Focus Free’, 31mm, f/11 lens
  • Built-in flash with 15 second recycle time
  • For use with color or black and white 35mm film
  • Recommended for ISO 400 film

Product Details

Harman Technologies, the company that manufactures Ilford-brand film, has announced the EZ-35 camera. The HARMAN EZ-35 is a 35mm reusable film camera with motorized load, frame advance and rewind functionality making it the ideal camera for anyone starting out in film photography or those looking for a simple point and shoot option to capture their world.

The EZ-35 looks similar to the classic disposable film cameras but has a few features that make it superior. First, it is reusable which is not only more environmentally friendly but also allows the photographer to experiment with different types of 35mm film (though Harman recommends ISO 400 film).

With a ‘focus free’, 31mm, f/11 lens, this excellent, environmentally friendly alternative to single use cameras works with all brands of both black and white and color film (ISO 400 recommended). It also features a built-in flash with 15 seconds recycle time for indoor or trickier lighting conditions as well a lens cover / shutter lock to ensure you don’t waste a shot.

The box contains everything you need to immediately start shooting, including 1 roll of ILFORD HP5 Plus 35mm 36 exposure black and white film, one of the world’s most iconic and popular films, as well as a standard AA battery and a wrist strap.


  • 1 roll of ILFORD HP5 Plus 35mm 36 exposure
  • AA battery 
  • Wrist strap 


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