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Rodinal B&W Film Developer, 500ml
for B&W negative film

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  • Classic B&W negative film developer
  • Delivers high edge sharpness and film speed
  • Liquid concentrate with extremely long usable life
  • Mix with water immediately before processing
  • One-shot/non-reusable; discard just-used working strength developer after each processing session
  • 1+25, 1+50, and 1+100 dilution options for contrast control

Product Details

ADOX was founded in 1860 as the world's first photochemical factory. Over the next several decades, it became one of the leading film producers in Europe. Today, ADOX films, papers, and chemistry are proudly manufactured in Germany by an incredibly passionate team of film photography enthusiasts. 

ADOX Rodinal brings one of the oldest and most well-respected B&W film developers in history into the 21st century. Originally produced by Momme Andresen in 1891 in Berlin, Rodinal became the foundation of the future Agfa company. ADOX Rodinal is produced according to Agfa Leverkusen's latest 2004 formula. It does not get more Rodinal than this.

ADOX has worked extensively with former Agfa scientists on all Agfa replacement products. Users of Agfa Rodinal will achieve identical results with ADOX Rodinal. Rodinal is characterized by very good edge sharpness and high film speed. Contrast can be adjusted by varying the dilution. 

Once opened, the liquid concentrate remains extremely stable over time and boasts a legendarily long usable life. Rodinal is a one-shot (non-reusable) developer; users measure out the amount of concentrate they need using one of the three classic dilutions (1+25, 1+50, or 1+100), mix with water, develop, and dispose of the just-used developer. When diluted for use, Rodinal working solutions only keep for a short amount of time and therefore should only be mixed immediately before use. 

When using high dilutions and small developing tanks, at least 5 mL of concentrate is required per roll of 35mm/120 film. For sheet film, at least 5 mL of concentrate is needed for 4 sheets of 4x5 or 1 sheet of 8x10. 

This chemical is classified as "Limited Quantity Hazardous" (ORM-D) and can only be shipped via Ground within the Continental United States due to DOT regulations. Within the Continental US, it cannot be shipped to PO boxes.

ADOX Rodinal MSDS Sheet

Rodinal Data Sheet

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