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Adofix Rapid Fixer
for B&W film and paper

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  • High capacity, general-purpose rapid fixer
  • Compatible with B&W film, RC, or Fiber-base paper
  • Available in a both powder and liquid concentrate forms
  • Powder variants feature the new ADOX CAPTURA Dust Binding technology, which reduces dust and odor when mixing

Product Details

ADOX was founded in 1860 as the world's first photochemical factory. Over the next several decades, it became one of the leading film producers in Europe. Today, ADOX films, papers, and chemistry are proudly manufactured in Germany by an incredibly passionate team of film photography enthusiasts. 

ADOX Adofix is a high capacity, general-purpose rapid fixer intended for all B&W photographic materials (film, RC, or Fiber-base paper) in trays, developing tanks, or processing machines. Available in a both powder and liquid concentrate forms, as well as different volumes of concentrate.

Liquid concentrate variants are to be precisely measured and mixed with water to prepare working strength solutions at the desired dilution (1+4 for film, 1+9 for paper). In contrast, with the powder concentrate variants, users are to mix all of the powder with water to prepare a working strength solution. Powder concentrate variants feature ADOX's CAPTURA Dust Binding Technology, which vastly decreases the amount of dust and odor produced while mixing. 

The shelf life of unopened liquid concentrate is about 2 years. Once opened, bottles of liquid concentrate should be used within 3 months. The shelf life of unopened powder concentrate is virtually indefinite. 


ADOX Adofix Powder MSDS Sheet

ADOX Adofix Liquid MSDS Sheet


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