Loupe Magazine Issue 13
Sustainability Issue

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  • Showcases work that tackles big subjects
  • Commissions articles by experts on the theme to explore
  • 100 pages, 240 X 170mm, portrait
  • Perfect bound

Product Details

Loupe magazine showcases work that tackles big subjects, ones that shape the human experience. Loupe is not a photography magazine written by photographers, Loupe commissions articles by experts on the theme to explore and contextualise the projects its features. In the landscape of photography magazines, Loupe is unique.

Issue 13 - Sustainability -  Sustainability permeates every aspect of our lives and is now a necessity, not a choice. Human innovation, determination and persistence is more important than ever and will ultimately decide the fate of our planet. In this issue, through photography and writing we explore insect-based protein, space colonisation, childfree people, the importance of payphones, the world’s largest blanket bog, support for artists, sustainable photobooks and Universal Basic Income

Photographing a number of childless men naked and alone in bed, many in a fetal-like position, Denise Felkin explores the much-overlooked male perspective when it comes to not having children.

In the accompanying article, Dr Amy Blackstone, author of Childfree by Choice, discusses the significant positive impact that childfree people are having on the sustainability of our planet.

Eric Kunsman documents the last surviving payphones in Rochester, New York, a city with high poverty levels. In his accompanying article, Kunsman explores the importance of these payphones, what their loss could mean and how his project inspired him to take action beyond photography.

Inspired by the dystopian vision of an insect farmer in Blade Runner 2049, photographer Gavin Li goes behind the scenes at Entocycle, a company that farms insects to create sustainable protein.

In the accompanying article, Entocycle founder Keiran Whitaker explains the huge benefits of creating animal feed with insect-based protein rather than soy, revealing the positive impact on the food industry and beyond.

Using a combination of Iceland’s surreal natural landscapes and space base-like man-made structures, Serena Dzenis creates fictitious planets in her photographs, inviting us to question whether we have the right to take over another world in the future when we have already dealt out so much damage here on Earth.

In the accompanying article, senior writer from the Mars Society Evan Plant-Weir discusses the plausibility and necessity of building a permanent human settlement on Mars, as well as the positive effect that this will have on our ability to create a more sustainable world on Earth.


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