Archival 3-Ring Binder 1.5"
Safe-T-Binder with 1" O-Rings

  • $14.99

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  • Archival Quality Black Storage Binder
  • 3-Ring, 1" O-Rings
  • Flexible Hinge Snap Locks to Fully Enclose
  • Textured Finish Polypropylene Cover
  • Accommodates 9.8 x 11.75" pages for holding prints, slides or negatives

Product Details

Store your precious negatives in the Vue-All Archival Safe-T-Binder with 1" O-Rings. The archival quality storage binder is a durable way to store and protect your prints, slides or negatives. The binder is fully enclosed all around, utilizing two flexible hinge snap locks that seal to protect from dust and moisture.