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Dome Special Edition Enamel Pin

  • $8.99

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Product Details

Take a little piece of CineStill and Hollywood with you wherever you go with the CineStill Dome Enamel PinOur Icons of Film enamel pin badges are perfect for jazzing up your photo bag or just wearing on your photo shoot. 

With its 86 foot wide screen, 70mm film capability and unique concrete geodesic dome (the only one in the world), the Cinerama Dome has become an iconic Hollywood landmark. In 1963, the Dome hosted the first world premiere of a movie filmed on the 70mm, single strip Cinerama process, Stanley Kramer’s It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World. Since then, the Dome has been featured in several Hollywood films - including Once Upon A Time Hollywood - and it has hosted many film premieres. The signature marquee and portico of the Cinerama Dome can still be seen on Sunset Boulevard. 

While the doors have been closed since early 2020, we hope to see it reopen again soon. Viva la film!


  • Silver soft enamel pin
  • 2x Deluxe locking pin clasps
  • 0.75" x 2"

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