SP-445 4x5 Developing Tank with Two Holders

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An affordable way to get started with 4x5 film processing.

Stearman Press set out to find an elegant and affordable solution for processing your own 4x5 film, launching the SP-445 Film Tank. After several prototypes and lots of experimenting, the SP-445 processing system is the easiest for processing 4x5 sheet film and uses the least amount of chemicals. It will process up to four sheets of 4x5 film in only 16 ounces of solution.

The SP-445 film tank can be loaded by simply sliding the 4x5 film onto the holders (in darkness). Then the holders are lined up and inserted into the tank and you are ready to develop your film in daylight. 


  • Process up to four sheets of 4x5 film at a time
  • Uses 16 oz. (475ml) of solution 
  • Easy to load, just like a film holder 
  • Daylight safe
  • Fills and drains quickly 
  • Inversion agitation for uniform development 
  • Built-in liquid level indicators
  • Easy use of a thermometer during processing
  • Rugged ABS plastic
  • Industry standard O-ring seal

Download Stearman 4x5 Tank Complete Instructions 


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