SilvergrainClassics Magazine Issue 17
Winter 2022

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  • Quarterly print journal with exclusive content about the entire world of film-based photography and cinematography
  • Each issue has 100 pages in book-quality print
  • Featuring a balanced selection of articles on all aspects of analog photography
  • A truly global selection of inspiring portfolios

Product Details

 Combining many decades of work in photographic publications and the photographic industry, SilvergrainClassics is connected with an experienced network to provide you with information, highlight photographic work and the latest news in analog photography. Their vision is to provide photographers around the world with inspiration, information, and a sense of community through a high-quality, quarterly printed analog photography magazine.

  • Leica’s renewed commitment to film: we tried out the new M6, spoke to the photographers who tested it pre-launch, and to Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, CEO and owner of Leica
  • Michael Friedel: nearly 7 decades of storytelling, in both incredible imagery and wonderful words
  • Composition: taking a closer look at an important topic with master photographers/printers Bruce Barnbaum & Andrew Sanderson
  • Testing new prototype color developer tablets from Tetenal: why we are excited about them
  • International portfolios, including portraits of Indonesian islanders cut off from the outside world, shot by Anton Ivanov, a man who has voluntarily cut himself off from his home in Russia
  • Stories from the worldwide film community including a photo lab in Paris that can only be found if you know it’s there (no, it’s not in the world of Harry Potter)