RETO3D 35mm 3D Film Camera

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  • 35mm film camera
  • Manual wind and rewind
  • Lens 30mm; f11; 3 Lens (Optical grade acrylic lenses)
  • Shutter 1/125 seconds
  • Focus-free; 1m to ∞
  • Built-in flash
  • 1x AA alkaline battery
  • ABS plastic material

Product Details

The folks at RETO3D have created an amazing camera to capture special moments. This is an amazing alternative to the expensive, hard-to-find and sometimes unreliable vintage Nimslo and Nishika 3D cameras. 

RETO3D 35mm Film Camera is a 3D film camera that is small and lightweight, and easy-to-use. It has a built-in flash. The RETO 3D simultaneously captures the same object with three slightly different angles, thanks to our triple-lens design. A 3D effect is shown by stitching the 3 photos together into a gif. Compared with other cameras, which could only produce static images by a single lens, RETO3D creates more lively images. 3D photography is more than a hobby; it is a form of art.

RETO3D APP - a perfect accessory to go along with the RETO3D film camera - assists you in generating videos with 3D effect. Special editing features are also added to allow awesome customized designs of 3D images!

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