35mm Archival Negative Preservers
135 Film and Slide Negative Pages

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  • Holds 35mm film and slides with options for 7 strips or 6 strips
  • Exclusive thin and high-clarity backing for quality contact sheets
  • Strong continuous seams to prevent negative hang-up
  • Top sheet is 3 mil and bottom sheet is 1.8 mil (8 mil top sheet, 4 mil bottom sheet on slide pages)
  • Archival quality polyethylene - NO PVC
  • Safe for long-term storage

Product Details

Archival film storage has been a long time concern for photographers who want to ensure the permanence of their irreplaceable negatives. Print File Archival Preservers are made from high-clarity, archival quality polyethylene - NO PVC - safe for long-term storage. With a 3 mil top sheet and 1.8 mil bottom sheet (8 mil top sheet, 4 mil bottom sheet on slide pages) the thin backing coupled with high clarity provides excellent resolution when proofing without the need to remove the negatives from the preserver. No other manufactured preserver has this feature! Also, continuous seams eliminate the problem of negatives hanging up in the sleeve itself, making loading and unloading Print File preservers easier and faster.


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