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Ortho Plus Black and White Neagtive Film, 35mm 36 Exp.

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Especially well-suited for reproduction work, ILFORD ORTHO PLUS is a medium speed black and white negative orthochromatic film. It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 80/20° when exposed under daylight conditions, or ISO 40/17° when exposed under tungsten lighting, and can be developed in standard black and white chemistry.

Since the film is only sensitive to blue and green light, it can be handled under red safelight conditions and developed by inspection for precise processing control. Its high-resolution, fine grain structure and long tonal range also make it ideal for half-tone, technical, and forensic applications and producing faithful reproductions of original artworks and documents, as well as for photo-microscopy.


  • Orthochromatic black and white negative film
  • ISO 80/20° in daylight conditions
  • 35mm/36 exp.
  • Process in standard black and white chemistry
  • Fine grain and high resolution
  • Can be handled under red safelight Ideal for technical applications
  • DX-coded cassettes

Storage and Handling: Store ORTHO PLUS film in a cool (10–20°C/50-68°F), dry place in its original packaging. It may be stored in a fridge/freezer but allow plenty of time for the film to acclimatize prior to use. Once exposed, process ORTHO Plus film as soon as possible, ideally before one month. Exposed films should always be stored in cool, dry conditions - as recommended above. 

Ilford ORTHO PLUS Datasheet 

Ilford Film Processing Chart 

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