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Pro Mounter 35mm Slide Mounting Machine
four mounting 35mm slides

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Product Details

Using a slide mounter is the best way to quickly and accurately mount your 35mm slides. The AP Pro Mounter 35mm Slide Mounting Machine features a "C" battery-powered diffused light source and magnifier, which allows you to inspect your backlit images and determine which ones you want mounted.

The film is pulled along the track by the perforations using an advance wheel and rubber rollers that do not scratch the film. Arrow-shaped indexes and a captive cutter bar ensure accurate, precise cuts in between the frames. A single pinching+pulling motion on the hinged portion of the slide mount snaps the mount shut, ready for projection.


  • Designed for use with the AP Pro Mount Slide Mounts
  • Requires two 1.5V "C" batteries (not included) 
  • Spare light bulb located inside of the unit

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