LAB-BOX Daylight Developing Tank

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The first multi-format, daylight-loading film developing tank.

Process all your 35mm and 120 film quickly and easily, anywhere and at anytime! The LAB-BOX tank allows you to develop your own film in full daylight, without the need for a darkroom or changing bag, and is therefore the perfect introduction to home processing.

Thanks to the two interchangeable modules and its multi-format reel, the tank can be used for both 135mm and 120. It is perfectly suitable for beginners, but will also meet the needs of more experienced photographers, offering the possibility to experiment with different developing processes.


  • Easy and intuitive film loading and processing in daylight
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Suitable for different developing processes
  • Compact and portable
  • Modular design allows to develop both 35mm and 120 film by switching the loading module



The 135 Module has a film slot where the 35mm cartridge is positioned and blocked. The film is then clipped and the lid is closed in order to rotate the outer knob and loading the film onto the reel. Once fully loaded, an internal blade will cut the film, separating it from the cartridge.

The 120 Module is equipped with two compartments: the roll is positioned in the top one and the film will be automatically loaded in the bottom one. Once the lid is closed, pulling out the black backing paper, through the split on the back, will automatically load the film in the second, lightproof compartment. Having completed this operation, the lid can be opened in order to clip the film and then closed again in order to rotate the outer knob and loading the film onto the reel.


Development Agitation

You can choose if using continuous or intermittent agitation. With LAB-BOX it is possible to choose to partially or fully submerge the reel in liquid, to experiment with different kinds of agitation. 

Once the chemicals are inside the tank, it is possible to agitate them as required by rotating the outer knob which will turn the reel, allowing the correct movement of liquids, for a uniform development.


Project by ars-imago, design by VIVO Design Studio, in Rome, Italy.  Following a careful test-and-review process, ars-imago has been able to optimize the final size of the tank and simplify its construction, in order to deliver an object that is both sturdy and easy to use. The specialized team created detailed technical drawings, transforming them into 3D models and making use of all the latest digital manufacturing technologies.

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