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Add 1 Slide Chemistry Variety Bundle get 1 Slide 1st Developer (Cool-Tone) T6

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  • Used to process any color reversal/chrome/slide (E-6) film
  • Simple 3-bath process with 3 distinct 1st developer choices for changing the color profile of your slides
  • Total chemistry volume can process 32+ rolls of E-6 slide film
  • Full color instruction manual included (standard processing, push/pull, etc.)

Product Details

Want to shoot slide film? Want it to be quick and easy to process? Want to still have creative control over how your images look? Introducing the CineStill Cs6 “Creative Slide” 3-Bath Process for simple creative control of your E-6 film. Chrome unlocked!

Slide film is ageless. For years, photographers have loaded it into their cameras and created memories that can viewed as positive images on strips of film or mounted and projected in all their glory. In 2017 Kodak revived the iconic Ektachrome E100 slide film, reigniting the passion for positive.

CineStill is proud to introduce the Cs6 “Creative Slide” Complete Bundle 3-Bath Process for color-timing E-6 reversal film, creating three new distinct slide film results in one bundle - the true wonder of slide film unlocked. This process illuminates unique color profiles never before seen on slide film, effectively turning the tried-and-true standard into 3 totally different films. The Cs6 "Creative Slide" 3-Bath Process makes complicated chemistry simplified alchemy! The number of processing baths for E-6 film is reduced from 6 to 3; 3 choices for a 1st Developer, a Color&Reversal bath, and a Bleaches&Fixer bath. 

For the first time ever, you can change the color profile of your slides by choosing between 3 different 1st Developers! With limited slide film options available today, CineStill's groundbreaking Cs6 chemistry multiplies your choices, with a quick and easy process that gives you maximum creative control, making your slides superior to color-corrected negative scans without sacrificing flexibility.

This kit provides enough chemistry to process up to 32 rolls of film. The kits include all the chemicals you need for the Cs6 process, including 3 different 1st developers, but all of the chemicals in the Cs6 line can also be purchased separately.


  • 1x D9 “DynamicChrome” 1st Developer
  • 1x D6 “DaylightChrome”  1st Developer
  • 1x T6 “TungstenChrome” 1st Developer
  • 2x Cr6 “Color&Reversal” 2-in-1 Reusable Slide Solution
  • 1x Bf6 “Bleaches&Fixer” 3-in-1 Reusable Slide Solution


D9 “DynamicChrome” Warm-Tone Dynamic 1st Developer

D9 "DynamicChrome" is the world’s most flexible 1st developer for slide film, rendering approximately 9+ stops of usable dynamic range, compared to approximately 6 stops with conventional E-6 processing (or D6 "DaylightChrome 1st Developer) while maintaining vibrant color-contrast and rich warm-tones with preserved highlight and shadow detail (optimized for scanning) for a more cinematic look. The photographer has the choice between 3 dilutions; dilute 1+1 with water for warm-tone slides with 2+ stops of extended dynamic range, or for further preserved highlight detail and a more neutral color balance dilute 1+2 or 1+3. D9 is perfect for high contrast scenes and is optimized for scanning. 1000ml stock solution makes 2000ml of single-use working solution  (1+1 Dilution) to develop up to 16 rolls or 100ft of slide film.

Warm-Tone Development: 1+1 Dilution ~ 9 min. 15 sec. at 104°f (40°C)
Extended Highlight Latitude: 1+2 Dilution ~ 11 min. at 104°f (40°C)
Pull -1 (overexposed film):  1+3 Dilution ~ 13 min at 104°f (40°C)

For push processing we recommend our D6 or T6 1st Developers.

D6 “DaylightChrome” Neutral-Tone 5500K 1st Developer

Renders approximately 6+ stops of usable dynamic range, with brighter whites and moderately enhanced color saturation, just like conventional E-6 processing. Daylight-balanced 5500K for neutral-tone slides in daylight or with electronic flash. 1000ml stock solution makes 2000ml of single-use working solution (1+1 Dilution) to develop up to 16 rolls or 100ft of slide film. 1+1 Dilution 2min @104°F (40°C).

T6 “TungstenChrome” Cool-Tone 3200K 1st Developer

Renders approximately 6+ stops of usable dynamic range. Tungsten-balanced 3200K for artificial light or cool-tone E100T slides. Also, works great for push processing in limited light! 1000ml stock solution makes 2000ml of single-use working solution (1+1 Dilution) to develop up to 16 rolls or 100ft of slide film. 1+1 Dilution 6min @104°F (40°C).

Cr6 “Color&Reversal” Color Developer & Reversal Bath

With the Cs6 process, the reversal step occurs during color development in our Cr6 “Color&Reversal” bath, which comes in liquid concentrate to make 1 quart of reusable solution capable of reversing 16+ rolls of developed slide film. Stock > 6min @ 80 -104°F (27-40°C).

Bf6 “Bleaches&Fixer” Pre-Bleach & Blix Bath

With the Cs6 process, the bleach and conditioner steps are combined with the fixing step in our Bf6 “Bleaches&Fixer” bath, which comes in liquid concentrate to make 1 quart of reusable solution capable of clearing 24+ rolls of slide film. Stock > 6-10min @ 75 -104°F (23-40°C).

* ”Usable dynamic range” is the amount of full stops of exposure value that renders acceptable detail and color. “Total dynamic range” however, is the maximum range containing tonal separation rendering any detail, and is often twice the usable dynamic range. The usable dynamic-range of conventional slide film is between 6-8 stops (total 14-16 stops). Color negative is between 9-13 stops (total 16-21 stops). Digital sensors are mostly between 7-10 stops (total 12-15 stops).

Shipping Considerations:

This product is classified "Limited Quantity Hazardous" and can only be shipped via Ground within the Continental United States due to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Please take a look at our Dealers page to see if there is a CineStill Dealer near you that may carry the Cr6 solution or Cs6 kits. Note: Cs6 kits cannot be shipped to PO boxes and ship separately with their own tracking number.




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Download Cs6 Quart Kit Complete PDF Instructions *Updated 02-2022

Download Cs6 Complete Safety Data Sheet

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