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1520 Uni-Tank Universal Film Developing Tank
With One Reel

  • $44.99

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  • Tank holds 2 reels in 35mm position, 1 reel in 120 position
  • Can process 2x35mm, 2x120, or 1x220 at the same time
  • Comes with 1 JOBO 1501 multi-format reel
  • Minimum solution volume: 485mL for inversion agitation or 240mL for rotary agitation
  • Expandable with the optional 1530 expansion module

Product Details

Quality, commitment, and professionalism have made JOBO one of the leading brands in the photographic industry since 1923. JOBO tanks and products have become legendary and JOBO's innovations set the standard for darkroom processing. 

The JOBO 1500 series is a highly modular, efficient, and economical roll film processing system. The JOBO 1520 daylight developing tank can hold 2 multi-format 1501 reels in the 35mm position or 1 1501 reel in the 120 position, making it able to process up to 2 rolls of 35mm, 2 rolls of 120, or 1 roll of 220 film at a time. Only 1 1501 reel is included with the tank. The tank is compatible with JOBO 1530 expansion modules which allow users to process additional rolls of film (3x35mm or 4x120) in the now-extended tank. 

Compatible with both inversion-style and constant rotational agitation methods. Minimum chemistry volume is 485mL with inversion agitation or 240mL with rotational agitation. 


Compatible with: JOBO 1501 reel, 1503 cog lid, 1504 magnet, 1505 cog, 1530 expansion module.


JOBO 1500 Series Instructions


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