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Cs41 "Color Simplified" 2-Bath Kit
for Processing Color Negative Film at Home (C-41 Chemistry)

  • $29.99

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  • For processing any color negative (C-41) film
  • Powder version ships without Limited Quantity Hazardous (ORM-D) regulations
  • 2 bath kit (Developer and Blix)
  • No special processor needed (use standard processing tanks and reels)
  • Flexible processing temperatures
  • Instructions for processing and Push/Pull processing included
  • Reusable for up to 24 rolls of film (1000mL) or 12 rolls of film (500mL)
  • Long lasting shelf life
  • Fully archival

Product Details

Our Powder Cs41 2-Bath Color Kit and Df96 Monobath can ship in First-Class/Priority mail envelopes, not regulated for transport. Save up to 75% on shipping rates!

Our Cs41 Powder Kit is free of transportation restrictions and can be easily shipped internationally! The liquid variant of the kit is classified as "Limited Quantity Hazardous" (ORM-D) and can only be shipped via Ground within the Continental United States due to DOT regulations. "Limited Quantity Hazardous" (ORM-D) items cannot be shipped to PO boxes.

Processing ANY color negative film at home is easy with these 2 simple chemistry mixtures. No special equipment needed!

Processing your own color film doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! These two bath processing kits can be used at a variety of temperatures with the same equipment you already process your black and white film with at home. No darkroom or automated processor required! 

    If you already process your own black and white film, with this kit, there is no reason not to process C-41 color negative film at home as well! It is specially formulated without compromise for modern color films, not requiring a stabilizer bath. Modern emulsions were designed so that one-hour photo labs wouldn't need haz-mat training for formaldehyde, and have built-in dye stabilizers and hardeners that are released through this simplified 2-bath process. You can have beautifully developed, bleached and fixed color negatives, ready to scan or print. All you need is water, a thermometer and any simple tank and reel system! 

    Download Cs41 Quart Kit Complete PDF Instructions

    Download Cs41 Powder Kit Complete PDF Instructions

    Download Cs41 Powder Kit Safety Data Sheet

    Download Cs41 Quart Kit Safety Data Sheet

    Photochemical Waste Management

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