Delta 400 Professional Black and White Negative Film, 35mm
135 ISO 400

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  • Panchromatic black and white negative film
  • ISO 400/27° 35mm
  • Fine and uniform grain structure
  • High sharpness Suitable for push/pull process (ISO 200-3200)
  • DX-coded cassettes

Product Details

Combining a classic look with modern quality, ILFORD DELTA 400 Professional is a high-speed black and white negative film featuring Ilford's Core-Shell crystal technology. It produces high sharpness images with a fine, uniform grain structures.

It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27° when developed in standard black and white chemistry, making it well-suited for handheld photography and for difficult lighting conditions. This versatile film, which is capable of being rated between EI 200 to EI 3200, features a broad tonal range and a wide exposure latitude, allowing you to push or pull during development in order to maintain consistent contrast.

Storage and handling: Load and unload film in subdued light. Store unexposed film in a refrigerator at 13°C (55°F) or lower in the original sealed package. To avoid moisture condensation on film that has been refrigerated, allow the film to warm up to room temperature before opening the package. Process film as soon as possible after exposure. Protect processed film from strong light, and store it in a cool, dry place.

Ilford Delta 400 Datasheet 

Ilford Film Processing Chart 

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