D96 B&W Motion Picture Developer, Powder Concentrate

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Sophisticated developing with motion picture quality. The D96 formula is trusted by cinematographers and motion picture labs due its dynamic S-curve contrast and forgiving highlight control. For the first time ever, available in accessible powder format!

Our formula develops 16 rolls or 100ft of 16/35mm film. Just add water! Makes 1 liter of reusable stock solution or 2 liters of 1+1 single-use dilution developer for the traditional 2-bath B&W process.

The D96 formula is the specified developer for classic b&w motion picture stocks such as BwXX (Double-X), Ferrania P30, Lomography (Orwo), etc... It also works great with modern T-grain films in addition to traditional film stocks. Processing times for D96 should start around 6-8 min and may be found at massive development chart at www.digitaltruth.comFinish processing your film in under ten minutes when you also use our F96 Rapid Fixer powder

D96 Developing Time Chart

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Photochemical Waste Management

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