Scala 50 Black and White Reversal Film, 35mm
135 36EXP. ISO 50

  • $6.99

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  • 50 ISO fine grain 35mm true black and white reversal film
  • 36 exposures loaded into non-DX coded plastic cassettes
  • Coated onto clear PET film base
  • Increased silver content for high sharpness and resolving power
  • Very good max. contrast range ('dynamic range')
  • Very low Dmin (brillant highlights)
  • Very high Dmax (deep black shadows)
  • Neutral to slight warm tone

Product Details

Adox SCALA 50 is an ultra fine grained superpanchromatic B&W transparency (slide) film with very high resolution, excellent sharpness, very high Dmax, and a clear film base. All of which combine to create beautiful B&W slides that can be projected several times their own size. 

ADOX Scala 50 can be developed in the ADOX Scala Reversal Kit  and by professional labs which offer B&W reversal processing like Photo Studio 13 in Stuttgart, Germany (mailorder and international shipping).


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Expected arrival after Mar 22, 2024