Rodinal Measuring Cylinder
for measuring ADOX Rodinal B&W Developer

  • $4.99

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  • Plastic graduated cylinder for measuring Rodinal B&W Developer
  • 25 mL, with 1 mL accuracy
  • Markings for specific volumes of common Rodinal dilutions
  • Made of high quality, chemical-resistant plastic

Product Details

ADOX was founded in 1860 as the world's first photochemical factory. Over the next several decades, it became one of the leading film producers in Europe. Today, ADOX films, papers, and chemistry are proudly manufactured in Germany by an incredibly passionate team of film photography enthusiasts. 

The ADOX Rodinal Measuring Cylinder is a small measuring cylinder intended to accurately measure small volumes of Rodinal liquid concentrate. Total volume is 25 mL, with 1 mL accuracy. The backside of the graduated cylinder features markings for the required volumes of liquid concentrate to prepare 300 and 600 mL volumes of 1+25 dilution working solutions, sufficient for 1 roll of 35mm and 1 roll of 120 in standard sized developing tanks. Made of high quality, chemical-resistant plastic, it won't shatter if dropped, unlike glassware.  

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