JOBO DUO Film Processing Kit

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Multi-purpose system for processing 35mm & 120 B&W/color film at home.

CineStill has partnered with JOBO, the industry leader in film processing tools, to provide the best complete processing kits with everything you need to process film at home. Together we have worked with JOBO to create some exclusive deals. Now is the time to start your home lab with some of the best products on the market, and at a reduced price! If you are wanting to get serious about home developing, this is the kit for you!

The JOBO DUO Film Processing Kit makes processing color film at home easier and more affordable than ever! Our Cs41 "Color Simplified" color chemistry, paired with our brand new TCS-1000 temperature control system, makes handling color chemistry and temperature control a breeze. With this kit, processing color film is even simpler and faster than traditional black and white processing! Well...with the exception of our Df96 Monobath single-step solution.  


Kit Includes:

  • JOBO 1520 daylight developing tank with 2 reels (to process 2 rolls of 35mm or 120 at once)
  • TCS-1000 "Temperature Control System" (120V)
  • 2x 1000ml mixing pitchers
  • 2x Accordion chemistry storage bottles
  • Cs41 "Color Simplified" 2-bath color processing kit
  • Df96 Monobath: Ready-To-Use (530ml for 8+ rolls) or Powder Chemistry (to make 1000ml for 16+ rolls)
  • Wide-Mouth Bottle (Powder Chemistry Kit Only)


  • Mixer/Thermostat/Timer
  • Double-roll tank capacity 
  • Dual-format (35mm/120) capability 
  • 2-bath (color negative) process 
  • Monobath (B&W) process 
  • Chemistry processes 40+ rolls 
  • JOBO 1520 Developing Tank + 2 Film Reels 


The JOBO 1520 Tank is the efficient tank for chemical use out there, requiring less chemistry per roll than any other system available. It comes with two 1501 Duo reels and can process either two rolls of 35mm film on two reels or two rolls of 120 film on a single reel. Use inversions for intermittent agitation or rotary processing by laying the tank on it’s side and rotating constantly, requiring just half the chemical volume for economic chemistry consumption.


°Cs "Temperature Control System" TCS-1000**

The TCS-1000 immersion circulator/thermostat allows you to efficiently and easily mix concentrates and powder chemicals, heat them up to the precise processing temperature, and maintain it during the entire developing session. Intuitive interface preset to standard C-41 processing, and easily adjustable temperature and timers for any process. Universal design holds two 1000ml. storage bottles in a tub, sink, or basin of your preference, at the desired temperature. 
**This is the 1500W, 120V/60Hz, 1000W US power plug model. For 220-240V,50/60Hz VDE power plug please order from our European distributor



°Cs 1000ml Chemistry Mixing Jug/Pitchers (2)



Place the TCS-1000 in the °Cs 1000ml Mixing Jug with the marked volume of water and add each bottle of concentrate or bag of powdered chemistry to the solution. The chemistry is easily mixed and heated to the correct processing temperature in a few seconds without splatter, spill or additional oxidation. Heated chemistry is then ready for immediate processing.


°Cs 1000ml Collapsible Storage Bottles (2)

Heat conductive material keeps chemistry at the correct temperature with the TCS-1000 "Temperature Control System". Opaque plastic designed for storing darkroom chemistries that are sensitive to light and air. Accordion-like bottle with screw-on cap can be compressed allowing the volume of the bottle to be adapted to match the amount of liquid in it, which reduces the risk of oxidation. Chemicals stored in the bottle last longer when compared to conventional bottles.


Cs41 "Color Simplified" For Color Processing At Home (C-41 Chemistry)

Processing ANY color negative film at home is easy with these 2 simple chemistry mixtures, reusable for up to 24 rolls of film. Processing your own color film doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! 

Download Cs41 Kit Complete PDF Instructions



 Df96 "Developer&Fix" B&W Monobath, Single-Step Solution 

This versatile, single-step “Developer&Fix” monobath solution is perfect for processing any black & white film in minutes, with no need for stop bath, fixer, or any other chemicals. 530ml of ready-to-use chemistry will develop 8+ rolls of film. Powder makes 1000ml of reusable chemistry for processing 16+ rolls of film. Download Df96 Complete PDF Instructions 



Wide-Mouth Bottle (Powder Chemistry Kit Only)


Plastic wide-mouth bottle made for storing your lab-chemicals. Because of the large opening, it is easy to fill and perfect for reuse with the Df96 Powder Chemistry.



Download TCS Complete PDF Instructions

Download Df96 18oz. PDF Instructions

Download Df96 1000ml. PDF Instructions

Processing 16+ Different B&W Films With Just One Chemical! Df96

No Compromises - Df96 compared with popular traditional developers

Download Df96 Liquid Safety Data Sheet

Download Cs41 Powder Kit Complete PDF Instructions

Download Cs41 Powder Kit Safety Data Sheet

Photochemical Waste Management

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