2540 MultiTank 1 Developing Tank

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  • Tank holds one JOBO 2502 reel (not included)
  • Develops 1 single 35mm roll
  • Minimum solution volume: 775mL for inversion agitation or 140mL for rotational agitation
  • High-quality plastic construction
  • For rotary processing, each tank must be fitted with a magnet or cog

Product Details

Quality, commitment, and professionalism have made JOBO one of the leading brands in the photographic industry since 1923. JOBO tanks and products have become legendary and JOBO's innovations set the standard for darkroom processing. 

The JOBO 2500 Multi Tank system is a versatile processing system that can process anything from roll film to large format sheet film (with the specialized 2509n 4X5 reel). The 2500 series tanks are capable of both rotary and inversion style agitation, and deliver consistent results for all types of film, especially with JOBO CPE3 or CPP3 processors. 

The JOBO 2540 MultiTank 1 Developing Tank holds one JOBO 2502 reel (not included) and is capable of processing a single roll of 35mm film. Minimum solution volume for inversion agitation is 700 mL. 

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