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Medium Format CineStill 50D Pre-Sale in 120!

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Greetings fellow film makers and film shooters! It is with much excitement that we finally get to announce the Pre-Sale of CineStill 50D in medium format!

Throughout the crowdfunding campaign, it was amazing to see the support for 800T in medium format. After reaching our goal for 800T, we set our sights on bringing 50D to 120 as well. You made your support for it clear so we made it our mission to make it happen. Sadly, we fell slightly short of our stretch goal which could have secured enough funds for its own simultaneous medium format production run alongside 800T. But we remained determined to make it happen. 

We built a whole new production facility, encountered many challenges and wound up doubling down, dollar for dollar, to fulfill the dream that we shared with thousands of analogue Film Makers. Following the fulfillment of the 800T 120 Alpha and finally the full retail release, we continued honing our process to a point where we could further invest in our vision to make the world's finest grain color negative film for the world's finest format! 

So, without further ado, we are excited to announce that we're finally bringing 50D to the world of medium format! We’ve opened pre-orders on our store so you can be among the first to get your hands on 50D in 120 this summer!

We are continually thankful for all of the support and faith of this awesome community, and are immensely grateful that we get to bring such an exciting new film stock to the market. We’re going to love shooting it just as much as you, and we can’t wait to throw a roll in our cameras!

CineStill 120 50Daylight

Click the link, preorder, and be the first to shoot Cinestill 50D in 120!

Stay golden film shooters, the renaissance is still silver! 

Your Film Family,
Cinestill Inc.


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A Petzval Experiment on CineStill 800T - By Brian Ho

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Elodie / Petzval 85mm / CineStill 800T

Singapore photographer, Brian Ho, principal photographer at t​hegaleria, stands out as one of a few working professional photographers in South East Asia, known for his experimentation and creativity with film! In his most recent project, he experimented pairing Lomography's new Petzval lens in strict combination with CineStill 800T.

My Awesome Cafe / Petzval...

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A DP's Point of View - CineStill 50D & 800T by Rob Hauer

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CineStill 50Daylight

You may recognize the above image by Rob Hauer from our web site sample images of our 50Daylight emulsion. Rob was an early tester of our CineStill 50Daylight emulsion, but since then he has continued to capture beautiful images on CineStill 50D and 800T with an incredible eye for composition and light! It is really interesting to see what a director of photography does with...

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Portraits and Snapshots on CineStill 800T & 50D by Marina Koslow

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CineStill 50D (left) window light, CineStill 800T (right) mixed tungsten and window light

"As a photographer who loves shooting film I am saddened to see many film stocks disappear. Its like being squeezed into a box with less and less room each year - while the film look is loved by so many wedding publications and clients alike the room to experiment and learn as an artist gets diminished with...

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Natural Beauty on 800T - Rolland Andras Flinta Does it Again!

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We are continually amazed by the beauty consistently captured by Rolland's vision and CineStill Film! It's work like this that inspire us to continue advancing and making more film for photographers around the world to create images the way that they want to!

Photographer: Rolland Andras Flinta (
Camera: Pentax Spotmatic F
Film: CineStill 800T (daylight no filter)

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