P30 Black and White Negative Film, 35mm
135 36exp ISO 80

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  • ISO 80 panchromatic B+W negative film
  • 35mm format spooled in 36 exp DX-coded cassettes
  • High contrast and very fine grain
  • Best suited for outdoor situations with available light or indoor situations with electronic flash

Product Details

Ferrania P30 has a long and storied history. The most lauded Italian directors of the mid-20th century shot many of their most iconic movies on P30 stock. The look of P30 in cinema became so popular that in 1958, a version was created for still photography. The Film Ferrania team has recreated the formula for the modern stills film shooter, achieving a silver-rich 80 ISO B+W 35mm film stock that provides high-contrast negatives with deep, rich shadows, punchy, sharp highlights, and almost no visible grain.

P30 is newly manufactured film, not rebranded stock. It is proudly made in the revived Ferrania factory located the grounds of the original company in Cairo Montenotte, Italy. 

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