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Orto 50 Black and White Negative Film, 35mm
135 36EXP. ISO 50

  • $11.99

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  • ISO 50 orthocromatic B+W negative film
  • 35mm format spooled in 36 exp DX-coded cassettes
  • High contrast and very fine grain
  • Best suited for outdoor situations with available light or indoor situations with electronic flash

Product Details

Film Ferrania is proud to release its second product since achieving continuous film production status at their manufacturing base in Cairo Montenotte, Italy. Ferrania Orto 35mm is P30's quirky 50 ISO cousin and features the same high silver content, inherently strong contrast, and practically invisible grain - but this time, distinctly ortochromatico! 

In the earliest days of silent cinema, film stock was mostly blue-sensitive (orthochromatic). Blue subjects like skies tended to render very bright, whereas reds would render very dark. Hollywood relied heavily on special makeup to make on-screen actors look natural. One hundred years later, the “flaw” that plagued our predecessors is now considered a creative feature that distinguishes orthochromatic films from their more modern panchromatic cousins. 

Orto is newly manufactured film, not rebranded stock. It is proudly made in the revived Ferrania factory located the grounds of the original company in Cairo Montenotte, Italy. 

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