8x10 Light Source Pro LED Lightbox (95/99 CRI)

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  • Incredibly bright light output to guarantee shutter speeds at least 5 full stops faster than comparable offerings
  • Fully fan cooled chassis guaranteeing a cool workflow while keeping the light source incredibly bright
  • Modular internal light panel that’s upgradable in the future
  • Secondary switch allowing you to toggle between the entire light being on or a reduced area more appropriate for 4x5 film scanning
  • Perfect for scanning all formats of film up through 8x10

Product Details

Negative Supply exists to create tools for film photographers around the world that want to spend more time photographing and less time scanning. Their products allow you to digitize negatives using your digital camera and a macro lens in as little as 5 minutes (or less) with tools you may already have.

Good scans start with good light. While most of the systems currently on the market work OK, Negative Supply wanted to create something specifically for the camera scanning community. And large format film photographers have extremely high standards. The Negative Supply 8x10 Light Source Pro makes scanning large format film with a digital camera easy and straight forward. Additionally, with an aluminum frame and high end components, it fits within the Negative Supply design ethos.

Accurate color starts with full spectrum light. The Light Source Basic and Light Source Pro options have all been designed using the latest LED bulbs with either 95 or 99 CRI, this allows for more accurate and true to life colors when capturing slide or negative film.

A brighter light source allows for higher shutter speeds and sharper images, and additionally allows faster workflows, so you can spend more time taking photos, and less time scanning. The Light Source Basic is up to 2x brighter than competitor options, and The Light Source Pro options are up to 9.5x brighter than many competing options.

Three sizes offer a fully customized experience depending on your workflow. The smaller light source options all fits under both the Film Carrier for 120 and 35mm, while the largest size fits perfectly with 8x10 film (available soon).
*Prototype devices shown, final device to be black anodized aluminum.

Not sure if this is the right light for you? We have four different light sources to explore, so examine the options before you buy.


Brighter, Better and Bigger Light For Camera Scanning Up to 8x10 Film

Light Source Pro (99 CRI edition) is the most advanced light source for camera scanning, with direct diffusion, two sizes for film up to 5x7 or 8x10. The Light Source Pro has been compared to others on the market, and verified first hand using measurement tools that the LEDs are capable of outputting 99 CRI. The Light Source Pro series includes mounting brackets for solid positioning, marrying perfectly with our Pro Mount MK2 or used on it’s own with a 35mm Film Carrier MK1 or Film Carrier 120.


  • High CRI of 99 for accurate color reproduction and fidelity
  • Ideal for archival work, professional users, and photographic labs
  • 9.5x11.5 inch light area suitable for up to 8x10 film
  • Nearly 9.5x brighter than many competing brands
  • High quality metal construction
  • Includes metal plate for mounting with Pro Mount MK2
  • Includes international power supply cord


In House Testing:

Light Source Pro achieving 99 CRI, and Light Source Basic with 95 CRI

When compared to a currently available light source from another manufacturer, The Light Source Pro outputs more consistent color through all channels, while our Entry light source matches or exceeds others in all areas.

Recommended Accessories:

Film Carrier

A negative holder keeps the film in place for image capture. The film needs to be completely flat for sharp photos. This is the key to good camera scans. It holds your precious film flat and safe. Spare no expense.

Camera Stand

Our favorite option for a camera stand is something you already own, like an old enlarger with an adapter plate, or a sturdy tripod with an invertible column so you can mount your camera underneath. However, if you must purchase something, Negative Supply has created the Pro Riser. This compact camera stand works best with mirrorless and midsized DSLR cameras and features lead-screw height adjustment for quickly and easily raising and lowering. Because of this adjustment option, it is impossible for your camera to “fall” or “descend uncontrollably” into your workpiece.

Camera & Lens

Camera Body

Just about any semi-modern interchangeable camera will work great for camera scanning. There are many mirrorless or DSLR options to choose from, with the most convenient offering tethered live view capture to your computer. The Canon T2i is probably the cheapest option out there with tethering and large lens selection, and new cameras like the Sony A7 series are now very affordable with great IQ. High end setups may even use the new full frame Panasonic mirrorless cameras with pixel stitching.

Macro Lens

For camera scanning, the one real requirement is that your lens focuses close enough to capture the entire frame, without having to digitally crop. For full frame cameras and capturing 35mm film, the term 1:1 designates a lens that will reproduce the 35mm frame exactly onto the full frame digital sensor. With crop bodies, 1:1 focus even closer. There are also options to use extension tubes for older macro lenses. We have had excellent results with an inexpensive Nikon 55mm macro from the film days, using a simple extension tube to get 1:1 on our full frame bodies. Higher end, yet affordable options include the excellent Sigma 70mm ART Macro. The Outside of reproduction factor (1:1), also look out for lenses that are sharp, have good color reproduction, limit internal reflections (modern coatings), and have very little vignetting. Finally, it’s generally best to use your lens stopped down 2-3 from wide open, as this gives a good combination between depth of field and brightness.

Software for Negative Conversion

There are a few plugins and standalone programs for converting negatives into positives. Some older and some newer, all of them try to harness the color science based in darkroom paper to various degrees. Many professional scanners have used LaserSoft applications or some proprietary/built-in software to emulate darkroom printing. After all, even a professional lab scanner is simply a digital camera and a light source. The applications below do the same thing for converting negatives captured with you digital camera rather than a digital camera built into a scanner. We recommend choosing the one that best suits your workflow. 

Mac/PC Consumer  👨‍💻 $
Negative Lab Pro Adobe Lr Prosumer  👨‍🔧👨‍🔬🧙‍♂️ $$
LaserSoft NegaFix SilverFast HDR 8 Professional  👨‍🔬🧙‍♂️ $$$
ColorPerfect Adobe Ps Expert  🧙‍♂️ $


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