SilvergrainClassics Magazine Issue 16
Autumn 2022

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  • Quarterly print journal with exclusive content about the entire world of film-based photography and cinematography
  • Each issue has 100 pages in book-quality print
  • Featuring a balanced selection of articles on all aspects of analog photography
  • A truly global selection of inspiring portfolios

Product Details

Combining many decades of work in photographic publications and the photographic industry, SilvergrainClassics is connected with an experienced network to provide you with information, highlight photographic work and the latest news in analog photography. Their vision is to provide photographers around the world with inspiration, information, and a sense of community through a high-quality, quarterly printed analog photography magazine.

  • Celebrating Mick Rock’s portraits, from Queen to Bowie to Rocky Horror
  • Exploring a Leica M3’s inner workings and a rare LEICAFLEX SL2 Motor
  • How to choose a portfolio of images for exhibition or critique
  • Tips for the Intrepid enlarger from handbook author Christopher Osborne
  • Using real filters: colored glass makes the difference, not AI beauty
  • Portfolios from around the world: Australia, Belgium, Japan, UK, USA, and Ukraine


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