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Traditional B&W Film Processing Bundle

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Stainless steel has been a darkroom staple for many photo enthusiasts and classroom darkrooms over the past 100 years. Many educators would still agree that stainless steel is preferred for learning the traditional techniques of processing film by hand, and photo students often start with metal reels. Now it is easier than ever to get started developing your own film at home or in the classroom with the CineStill Traditional B&W Film Processing Bundle

Bundle Includes:

  • 1x CineStill Stainless Steel 16 oz. Tank
  • 1x Plastic light-trap with tight-fitting cap
  • Your choice of either 35mm + 120 (1x 120 reel and 2x 35mm reels) or 35mm only (2x 35mm reels)   
  • 1x D96 Motion Picture Powder Developer
  • 1x F96 B&W + Bleach-Bypass Powder Rapid Fixer 
  • 2x Wide Mouth Storage Bottles

Stainless Steel Developing Tank Fits two 35mm film reels or one 120/220 film reel. The stainless steel construction is easy to clean, durable, and will withstand years of use. The lid is made from a tough, heavy-duty plastic that contains a tight-fitting plastic pouring cap. 

The metal body is highly conductive and rapidly responds to a temperature controlled water bath, allowing higher processing temperatures to be easily obtained and maintained. 

Stainless Steel Reels These durable reels can last a lifetime. The stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean. The film clips to the center of the reel and is gently rolled onto the reel in complete darkness.

D96 Motion Picture Powder Developer

The D96 formula is the specified developer for classic B&W motion picture stocks such as BwXX (Double-X), Ferrania P30, Lomography (Orwo), etc... It also works great with modern T-grain films in addition to traditional film stocks. Processing times for D96 should start around 6-8 min.
Our formula develops 16 rolls or 100ft of 16/35mm film. Just add water! Makes 1 liter of reusable stock solution or 2 liters of 1+1 single-use dilution developer for the traditional 2-bath B&W process.


F96 B&W + Bleach-Bypass Powder Rapid Fixer 

The world’s only powder rapid fixer also happens to be the most potent. So potent in fact that you have to further dilute 1 liter of working solution to 2 liters in order to match liquid concentrate rapid fixers. We use the purest ammonium thiosulfate agents to fix your film and make it archival in record time. Just add water!

Reusable solution fixes 24+ rolls of B&W or color film and can be diluted to make 1-2 liters of working solution fixer for the traditional 2-bath B&W process or Bleach-Bypass color process.

The "Bleach-bypass" color process, also known as "skip bleach" or "silver retention," is a process of skipping the step of bleaching during processing of color films. By doing this, silver is retained in the emulsion along with color dyes. The result is a black and white image over a color image. The images usually have reduced saturation along with increased contrast and graininess.


Wide-Mouth Bottle x2

Plastic wide-mouth bottle made for storing your lab-chemicals. Because of the large opening, it is easy to fill and perfect for reuse with the powder chemistry.




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